What is Commercial Hook? Definition of Commercial Hook, Commercial Hook Meaning and Concept

The commercial hook is a marketing strategy that consists of promoting a product with limited units at a very competitive price. The goal of this strategy is to convert a greater number of potential customers. End spacing

The commercial hook is an action that uses a very aggressive and competitive promotion to convert a greater number of potential clients into clients. It is used frequently and we can find it in television commercials, for example.

This marketing strategy is characterized by creating a striking promotion with a reduced number of units subject to it. Potential customers will be encouraged to go to a store, either physical or online, to purchase the promoted products.

In this sense, as they are small units, most customers will not be able to purchase the product for which they came to the store. Once the consumer is in the store, the seller is given the opportunity to satisfy the needs presented by that consumer. This means that it will be easier to convert that potential customer than if such a promotion had not been created and had not caught their attention.

Commercial hook example

The commercial hook strategy is used frequently in the automotive sector. We can find a multitude of advertisements for new vehicles at low and very competitive prices. However, getting a unit at that price often becomes a complex task. This is because they are models with very basic equipment or specific purchasing conditions that do not suit everyone's taste.

In this way, the car brand manages to attract potential customers to its dealership and when they arrive there they either cannot or it is difficult to acquire the product that has caused them an interest. In this situation, it is easier to sell that customer a slightly more expensive model or a similar model that interests the company more.

Suppose we have a computer company. We decided to create a promotional offer with a 75% discount on a certain model. The units that are subject to the promotion are 50.

Therefore, this will help us to attract a greater number of clients due to the opportunity it represents. Once the promotion stocks are exhausted, potential customers who visit our store will be willing to purchase one of our products as they are looking for a computer.

In conclusion, the commercial hook is a marketing strategy used to attract potential customers through very attractive offers with very limited units.