What is Collective Brand? Definition of Collective Brand, Collective Brand Meaning and Concept

The collective brand is one that is made up of the members of a cooperative, association or a group of merchants. It must be borne in mind that the owner of a collective mark is not an individual, but a group that it represents.

There are different types of brands that operate in the market. The collective brand is a common option, since it arises when the members of a cooperative or even different merchants are grouped together. In these cases, the ownership belongs to the association that has been formed, not in a personal or individual capacity.

The fact that different entrepreneurs decide to join together to set up a collective brand is becoming more and more frequent. When they have similar products with similar characteristics, they sometimes choose to put them on the market, partnering with their peers.

What are the most outstanding characteristics of a collective brand?

These are the main ones:

  • This type of association can occur taking into account the origin or location of the products.
  • The collective brand is the property of several, it is not something at the individual level, but it is the union of merchants or members of a cooperative, for example.
  • The objectives that are given in this type of brands are collective. In addition, the union of different talents allows for a greater competitive effort.
  • Faced with demanding markets, when there is great competition, collective brands are an interesting option, since the members of the association can cooperate with each other to present a more competitive product or service than if they worked separately.
  • Companies often come together for a collective brand because they have products with similar characteristics.
  • Collective marks fulfill the same role and functionality as individual marks.

What is a collective brand for?

A collective brand allows small businesses to partner to operate in the market and pool their talents to stand out from the competition.

They can take advantage of the skills of the different members to promote that brand and improve the quality and management of the products they sell.

They can have a good positioning in the market and a better distribution of the articles.

Collective brand example

A collective brand is the result of the association of different members. When they have similar products, they can come together to be launched on the market jointly.

Imagine the case of small merchants who work with fish as their main product, and decide to form a cooperative and launch a collective brand that represents them. Thus, we would be talking about a representative example of this concept.