What is Buyer Person? Definition of Buyer Person, Buyer Person Meaning and Concept

The buyer persona is the fictitious profile of the ideal client of a certain company. It is built on the basis of different real data of the consumers and allows to attract a greater number of potential clients so that they consume the good or service marketed.

Establishing the buyer persona consists of identifying the ideal profile of a company's client, thanks to the use and analysis of real consumer data. The objective is to know which are the easiest potential customers to convert due to their characteristics and consumption habits. In this sense, it is about identifying the needs of consumers to be able to offer them solutions and to consume the goods or services of the company.

The importance of defining the buyer persona lies in being able to plan, guide and carry out marketing campaigns that capture the attention of potential customers and manage to turn them into consumers of the company.

How to make a buyer person?

To design a buyer persona, as we have mentioned above, it is necessary to obtain data from both your own customers and the rest of the market consumers . This information will allow us to create a fictitious profile of our ideal client to be able to more correctly target our audience.

The data must be obtained as follows:

  • First of all, we should receive feedback from our current clients to find out their tastes and needs.
  • Demographic and social data that provide information about the evolution of society as a whole.
  • The sales department must contribute its point of view related to how the market is and what needs exist at all times.
  • Conducting surveys to the largest possible number of clients or potential clients to manage more information.
  • Analysis of our sales to know how demand fluctuates.

Once this information is obtained, it will be necessary to analyze it to obtain the ideal profile of our client.

Buyer persona template

Below we explain the different information fields that we must fill in to make a buyer persona correctly:

  • Personal and work situation: It is necessary to know what your job and personal situation is.
  • Demographic information: Knowing your age, income or gender will allow a more exhaustive analysis.
  • Identifiers: Try to know the personality and the different characteristics of the person surveyed.
  • Objectives: Know what are the goals you are trying to achieve.
  • Challenges: It is important to know what problems the respondent is facing.
  • Solutions offered by the company: In this section it is necessary to specify how to help you solve your challenges.
  • Concerns: Concerns that generate resistance to change will be written. They can be unfounded by past experiences or own perceptions of reality.
  • Comments: All the extra information that is considered relevant to the person's behavior will be noted here.

In conclusion, the buyer persona is the creation of a fictitious profile of the ideal client of a company. It is carried out based on the data collected through the different means that the company owns.