What is Aggressive Communication? Definition of Aggressive Communication, Aggressive Communication Meaning and Concept

Aggressive communication is one that is used when someone tries to take reason above other people. The tone that is adopted is quite aggressive and unpleasant. The objective of putting this type of communication into practice is to impose the opinion of one person above that of anyone.

Aggressive communication is a way of defending an opinion or comment through forms based on aggressiveness, without respecting anyone and ignoring the rights of any person.

This type of communication is usually used by people with little empathy, honesty or respect for the feelings of others.

The objective is to impose one's own ideas and for this there is no hesitation in violating any moral or ethical value.

Aggressive communication is not very pleasant and tends to generate rejection among the people who are affected by it. It shows up in any area. For example, at work, there are bosses who treat their employees using rather aggressive and unsympathetic communication.

Characteristics of aggressive communication

These are the main features:

  • In aggressive communication, complaints, reproaches or even insults are constantly used.
  • This type of communication can end up generating violence and aggressions due to its high degree of imposition and little respect for the people with whom it is used.
  • The wishes or opinions of others are not taken into account, but the priority objective is to impose the thinking of the person who uses this type of communication.
  • The individual who uses aggressive communication has great emotional and social deficiencies.

Difference between aggressive, assertive and passive communication

When it comes to communicating, we can do it in different ways. Adopting different tones, postures and opinions. But it is important to highlight how those opinions are transferred to other people.

It is necessary to differentiate between the different forms of communication that exist:

  • Aggressive communication: One in which imposition and aggressiveness are used. The opinions and arguments of others are not taken into account. There is no respect for the person and the expressions used are signs of lack of education and constant empathy.
  • Passive communication: That in which a person is not capable of expressing what he feels and being respected for it. She limits herself to giving more importance to what people think than what she thinks.
  • Assertive communication: It is the ideal option when communicating a person with other individuals. It is a balanced communication where your own opinion is valued and that of others is respected. The objective in this case is to present an idea without hurting the rest, but being sincere and honest with what one feels and thinks.