What is Advertising Media? Definition of Advertising Media, Advertising Media Meaning and Concept

Advertising media are the channels that companies use to show their products or services, and with the aim of persuading the audience to buy them.

The advertising media can be distinguished into the following: newspapers, magazines, radio, cinema, television and the internet where digital media have a presence.

The brands create their products or services, and one of the essential and mandatory steps to give to know, is to promote them through the media.

Although initially the press, radio and television monopolized the majority of advertisements, with the internet revolution and the appearance of digital media, the panorama has changed substantially.

The advertising that exists according to each medium

Investing in advertising is something that all brands do continuously by being aware of the need to show the public what they offer. Investing in digital and non-digital media is something they take into account, but depending on their objectives and budgets, they will invest in one channel or another.

Therefore, advertising media are promotional tools for businesses, and if they are not used to show what is produced, it is difficult for them to be successful in the market as they are not visible.

Now, what type of advertising does each channel offer?

  • Advertising in digital media. The media have realized the need to have a presence on the internet. For this reason, newspapers and radio stations are also found on the internet. They no longer only offer the possibility of advertising in the paper version, but also on their own websites they offer the inclusion of banners, gifs, reports and promoted articles to those brands that want to reach their audience through this channel.
  • Advertising on social networks. Undoubtedly, this type of advertising that does not require a large investment is one of the most used options. Businesses can segment their audience, personalize their message, and reach their target audience with ease. Ad spend on social media continues to grow by leaps and bounds.
  • Video advertising is something highly required by big brands. Platforms like YouTube have become an unbeatable option for companies that want to advertise their products. Aware of the large number of users that exist in the most visual networks, they generate ads that are included in the videos that this network host.
  • SEM advertising , and ads on mobile devices is also widely used. The messages impact users after having carried out a previous investigation, including keywords, and generating a campaign for it.
  • Advertising on the radio is changing. Although the advertising spots of a lifetime are still used, the podcast has come into force becoming an excellent option to advertise. Sponsors are usually named at the beginning of each podcast, or at the end of it.
  • Television advertising is very common, although it is also one of the most expensive. It is a channel widely used by the big brands. And usually spots, reports, telesales or sponsorship are usually created when creating publicity in it.
  • Advertising in newspapers is also maintained. Companies are still advertised in paper newspapers, which although they have their digital version, retain this option. Featured ads, banners, full pages, or sponsored reports are the preferred options used to advertise on this type of channel.
  • The fences, or external means are also still used, although to a lesser extent. They are used mostly for elections, or large events in a city.