What is Account Marketing? Definition of Account Marketing, Account Marketing Meaning and Concept

Account marketing is that focused on carrying out marketing activities with frequent accounts or clients that make up a portfolio. Therefore, it is based on the frequency and maintenance of a series of marketing actions over a long period of time.

As each company has its needs and targets a specific consumer segment, account marketing is a model more focused on a specific segment. This contrasts with mass marketing, directed to a wide audience, with zero segmentation and low costs.

Other ways to know this concept is as key account marketing or as Account Based Marketing (ABM) for its name in English. By its nature this model is related to B2B practices .

Those companies that hire marketing services to convey their messages to the market or to their potential audience are called accounts.

Main feature of account marketing

The fundamental pillar of account marketing is based on the idea that a marketing action consists of a design and a message suitable for a single account in particular, which has been previously analyzed and measured.

Faced with an increasingly concentrated market in general and with a higher level of competition, a more personalized approach is necessary in terms of advertising and customer or consumer search. Said personalization is not limited to an initial campaign, but to a close bidder-applicant relationship through constant feedback through social networks, points of sale, mailing and other channels that help maintain this level of personalization and attention.

That said, the main negative aspect of this type of action is its high cost, since the specialization of the message implies higher costs than in the mass model, as well as important investments in the study and monitoring of the market and consumer behavior and signatures.

Purpose of account marketing

More and more cohesion has been developed in companies when launching marketing and sales actions, due to the need to create very specific content. With account marketing, the main idea is to design campaigns with a very high degree of specialization, with a view to achieving greater impact on the market to achieve higher sales and profits.

Account Marketing Evolution

In the current panorama of constant technological changes and consumer habits, companies find it essential to carry out better campaigns with the idea of ​​achieving personalized impacts that attract the attention of a spectrum of increasingly better-informed consumers.

The importance of social networks and the development of applications for smartphones has helped in this sense to the proliferation of new methods of personalized marketing. Account marketing must therefore go hand in hand with innovation both at a technological and conceptual level in a changing environment.

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