Case Converter Is a Free Online Tool to Easily Convert Text to Lowercase, Uppercase, Title Case, Capital Case or Sentence Case

We are going to explain how to change from uppercase to lowercase in  Case Converter , as well as how to make lowercase words you can put them in uppercase. This is something very simple change your text lower case, upper case, title case and sentence case.

How to convert text from uppercase to lowercase?

While editing a text you may need to convert a word, a phrase or even an entire text from uppercase to lowercase (or vice versa). Although you could do it manually, the easiest thing will be to use the function included for this purpose in the Case Converter you use.

Tool to convert uppercase to lowercase

Convert from Uppercase to Lowercase or vice versa any text or word. Enter texts or phrases and select the available tools. You can use it for uppercase to lowercase conversion, capitalize text, and even capitalize behind periods in text with typos. With this application you can fix misspelled texts and convert them in a simple and practical way ✅ try it!

Capital  letters  are used at the beginning of a letter and after a period (either a period followed or a period apart). In addition, capital letters are also used to write the proper names of people, animals, things, places, institutions and identities. Including nicknames, nicknames and pseudonyms. Although proper nouns are capitalized,   generic nouns that precede them tend to be lowercase . They only start with a capital letter when they are part of names that require the writing of their components with an initial capital letter, as occurs with the names of holidays, dates or historical events, urban roads, buildings, etc.

Uppercase to Lowercase  helps you to  convert with its online generator all the text from uppercase to lowercase  in a practical and simple way. Just paste the text in the form and then select the desired option.

⇣ Lowercase

Converts all text entered in the form to lowercase.

⇡ Uppercase

Converts all text entered in the form to uppercase.


Converts the first letter of each word to Uppercase, even if it follows periods.

Capitals After

Periods Capitalizes the first letter of each sentence after a period:  "The dog ate rice.  Behind  the cupboard..."

Text conversion tools

While editing a document, whether text or writing, you may sometimes need to convert texts to uppercase, words, sentences, or even entire paragraphs from uppercase to lowercase (or vice versa). Although you could do it manually, the easiest thing would be to use a function that includes this purpose.

That's why we've created the tool you're looking at, you'll pass any text that's all uppercase (usually, in typed text, that means you're yelling) to lowercase. But that's not all, thanks to our free tool, you will be able to capitalize texts, in addition to capitalizing texts it is also available to do it only for words after periods.

So you no longer have an excuse to convert all that long sentence to lowercase, uppercase, capitalize or convert capitals after periods. Even so, if you prefer, there are programs that allow you to convert from their options, then we will show you which ones.

An easy way to change characters in lowercase and title capitalization, visit >> Lower Case, Upper Case, Title Case and Sentence Case Converter Tool