What Does It Mean to Dream That You Are Getting Married

Getting married is the dream of many people, it is also the success and self-realization aspired by many, so much so that it can manifest itself freely and literally in the dreams of these people. But our aspirations are often based on as many experiences, whether in our childhood or in the life in which we are currently working; Thus the meaning of these dreams will not follow a straight line of connections, but many relevant but unconscious points of our psychic life will be involved.

In this article we explain what it means to dream of getting married. The meaning of dreaming about your wedding can vary depending on many circumstances. It may not mean the same to dream that you marry your boyfriend or girlfriend, your husband or wife, your ex-partner or someone you don't know. Next we will see what this dream means based on its characteristics.

Meaning of dreaming about a wedding

These types of dreams "tend" to be the polar opposite of nightmares, since they produce a lot of pleasure, but this is not always the case. Some people refer with great anguish this type of dreams in which there is a wedding, whether or not they are the ones who are getting married, it causes them a lot of anguish, and this is where we can start to interpret what it means to dream of a wedding.

The signifier of a wedding frequently implies commitments, and within them its consequent or underlying signifiers: responsibilities, restraints, families, resignations, legalities, formalities, changes and many other very particular ones.

Dreaming of a wedding may be implied by the unconscious desire to get married, but there are undoubtedly many other elements that actively participate in the meaning of this dream (for example, there are some people who in the dream have interrupted the ceremony or have run out of the room. living room) and these elements can make interpretation by simple connections a little more confusing.

What does it mean to dream that you are going to get married but do not get married

The dreamer can describe the following: "I dreamed that I was at a wedding and suddenly it was interrupted because the groom ran out and then it seemed that I was the one running - it seemed that I was the groom - and then the dream ended. I think not He is related to me because my relationship with my partner is in order and I have thought about proposing to him, but this dream made me think a lot ".

There are thousands of variable elements that can arise in the dream and in the case of the previous example, it is difficult to say that the latent but unconscious desire of the subject is the wedding, but rather the escape from this event. Perhaps this is related to the fear of their underlying signifiers (responsibilities, changes, attachments) that are also unconscious.

What does it mean to dream that you marry your ex-partner

To dream that we are married, as mentioned above, can take two routes: of pleasure and of displeasure. Our part of me clothes the event in the opposite (I do not like weddings, I do not plan to get married ever, I think that marriage is unnecessary, I hate weddings, I do not like weddings), but this is where we have the opportunity to question the reason for this dislike.

For example, why do you think marriage is unnecessary and banal? The subject can state that they are rudimentary events about the commitment to the couple because they always end in divorces and abandonments. Perhaps doing a more extensive and in-depth exploration of this aspect, the person had difficulties with his ex-partner due to the same signifiers that operate in his life: they had a fairly formal and relatively stable relationship until one of them spoke about taking the next step and suggesting to form a family together.

There are so many signifiers that operate in our lives from a very young age, the fear of responsibilities perhaps arises as a consequence of an experience in which the marriage was involved : their parents have divorced, the father or mother has told them on several occasions that There were many dreams or plans that he could no longer carry out due to having married, friends and colleagues refer that wives change radically after marriage and this although at first glance may make us think that it will only cause fear of marriage, but we do not take into account that perhaps at The subject would like to establish himself in a relationship and feel loved and accompanied, but the ego part in this case is the protection and prevention of failure.

Having dreamed of an ex-partner will not always mean that there are things pending to say or express with that person, or that there are still very deep and strong desires to be with that person and more so if in the dream they marry her. Many times the unconscious begins to associate events present in the subject's waking moments (for example, with the current partner they begin to have problems or too much closeness and formality) this is quickly represented as the dream content of the previous experience with the ex-partner.

What does it mean to dream that you marry your partner

As we mentioned from the beginning, the concept of "wedding" will have different meanings for each person who has dreamed of a wedding. For some it may only be paperwork, celebrations and legalities, for others it may be a representation of success and personal fulfillment.

Dreams manifest unconscious meanings: for example, thinking that they are pure formalities. And the conscious or our moral part expresses: it is a process that every human being must aspire to and therefore I very much wish to be able to marry my partner. Something in the way that the way in which the dream is expressed will often manifest the opposite of what is really desired in the unconscious (for example, a patient expresses that he dreamed of marrying his partner and that this generated a lot of anguish because weddings seem silly to him, but unconsciously he wants to form the family that he never felt he had and feel loved and accompanied).

Dreaming that one marries a partner, many times manifests those unconscious experiences with which signifiers have been formed.

Here is an example that you can take into account when interpreting these dreams:

  • Juan's parents were married for 15 years. When Juan was 5 years old, they decided to divorce. Juan's aunts are also divorced and some of them often expressed disagreement with their husbands. Juan became 30 years old and met Martha, with whom they maintain a relatively stable relationship (there are no discussions, they try to reach agreements, they accompany each other and rely on the plans that each one has). Although Juan expresses having dreamed that he married his partner, states during a conversation with his psychologist that marriage does not appeal to him very much and that he considers it as something unnecessary because they regularly end badly and he loves Martha very much for things to end that way. Furthermore, in the dream Juan refers that he interrupted the ceremony, thus he says that it cannot be a latent desire for commitment, but quite the opposite. The explanation overshadows what underlies the dream: a need for affection, stability, security, and support.

The unconscious contents of the latent desire for commitment and renouncing it conceal the true need: to hide the fear that their need for affection and stability will manifest itself.

As we have said, the meaning of these types of dreams is compromised by the elements involved in them, so we invite you to explore each one even more and with great attention and thus be able to associate them.

What does it mean to dream that you marry someone you do not love

How do we know when we don't want someone? This is a key question when interpreting dreams with this characteristic, as it will allow us to recognize what we have been describing in previous paragraphs in which the dreamed and its associated emotional experience will often be representing the desires that are really acting (operating) from our unconscious. underlying.

In this particular case, dreaming of marrying someone you do not love could be representing your latent desire to establish a relationship with that person even if you verbally state that it is not, and although even in your dreams you were almost forced to marry.

Loving someone is associated with those needs that we don't know we haveFor example, a need to be heard, to be accompanied, or even a need to protect and care for someone. When we lose someone we know who we lose, but we don't know what we lose with that person; Likewise, when we say we love someone, we do not know what we want from that person, we say it is because of their stability, because they listen to us, their security and self-confidence and perhaps because of their personality. We ignore that behind or below all these conscious reasons that we describe as a list, they are constituted by unconscious needs; If we say that our partner likes us because he listens to us - What will happen if in a moment he doesn't? - or if it is because of your personality and security - What will happen when you have a failure and feel insecure and unstable? We want many things from these people that we ignore wanting: if we like to be heard, there is something we need to express that others have not heard.

We describe all this about loving and not loving someone because if we say that we dream of someone we don't love, we probably don't know why either. We can consciously say: because I don't like him, he doesn't attract me, I find him unpleasant, he's not my type at all, I would never have a relationship with that person. But perhaps that person represents something that has not happened at any time in our field of consciousness: sexually and physically attractive although in our conscious field we say that he is an idiot and a jerk, or vice versa that he is very educated and intelligent but his physique does not me attracts for nothing.