What Does It Mean to Dream of Rats

The meaning of dreams in psychology is one of the branches that raises the most questions for us. In the world of dreams, there is little we can control and it is when our most repressed thoughts come to light. The rat is not an animal that is very accepted by society and dreaming of rats can generate a certain level of discomfort, displeasure or anxiety.

If you have had dreams about rats and you want to know what is the meaning of dreaming about rats according to psychology, we recommend you read the following article from Transkerja.com. Here you will find an analysis of dreams according to different points of view and we will show you what it means to dream of rats.

What does it mean to dream of rats

If you usually dream of rats, it is normal for you to wonder what it means to dream of rats. The meaning of dreaming about rats can vary, like that of all dreams, according to different variables. The psychological and social significance of rats is often associated with fear, rejection, and dislike.

According to the theory of the collective unconscious of Carl Gustav Jung , many of our dreams are influenced by the social impact that some symbols have on our society, so dreaming of rats can be closely related to problems without facing, fears and nervousness.

According to Sigmund Freud's theory of the interpretation of dreams, he argues that dreams can reveal details of the unconscious. However, in order to correctly interpret a dream, we must pay attention to all the details. Next, we will analyze the different meanings of dreaming about rats according to the details that may appear in the dream.

"Before continuing reading, in Transkerja.com we want to point out that the meaning of dreams is a branch of psychoanalysis and little contrasted symbology, so the information you will find below is indicative."

What does it mean to dream of white rats

According to some experts in the interpretation of dreams, the color of the rats we dream of is also important since it can show some aspects of our subconscious that we have not yet analyzed.

Dream about white rats

What is the meaning of dreaming about white rats? According to some theories about symbolism, white rats represent the day, positive attitude, optimism, ... Dreaming of white rats can mean that, despite having problems that you must face, you have an optimistic vision of life and you you see able to overcome any obstacle.

Dream about black rats

On the contrary, the black ones represent the night, the fear and the pessimistic attitude. If in your dream the rats were black , perhaps there is a more pessimistic and negative view of the conflict that you must address, also, some experts say that it is an omen of betrayal and falsehood.

Dream about gray rats

The gray color represents neutrality , which is the position we adopt when faced with a problem according to the interpretation of dreams. Dreaming of gray rats indicates a possible hidden tendency in our unconscious not to express feelings, so we do not face the problem (in this case, symbolized with a rat).

What does it mean to dream of big rats

If you have had a dream about big rats, you may be wondering what it means to dream about big rats. The meaning of dreaming of big rats is related to changes . A change may be approaching your life, which could be in any of the areas of your life. You can know how this change could be by analyzing other characteristics of the dream such as the color of the rat or your sensations during sleep.

What does it mean to dream of dead rats

In your dream, were the rats dead? What can dream about dead rats indicate? That dead rats appear in your dream can indicate a bad omen . However, it will depend on the context and other characteristics of the rats such as their size and color.

Dreaming of rats that bite you

Finally, it is important to analyze other characteristics of the rat that we have dreamed of. The meaning of dreaming of large rats that bite us can be closely related to the feeling that the mere fact of thinking about it produces, dreaming of a rat of enormous dimensions poses a problem that we perceive as impossible to solve.

In addition, if the rat bites us in the dream, it means that we are afraid that this problem could put our mental health at risk. Let us remember that rats are associated with the disease and a rat bite in dreams is a powerful symbol that reflects quite clearly the fear of something negative happening to us.

What does it mean to dream of running rats

I have dreamed of rats running around my house, what does it mean? What does it mean to dream of a rat running? If in your dream the rats appeared running around the house, it is possible that it is a sign that you must face some problem or that you have to talk to someone with whom you have an unresolved conflict . According to studies on the meaning of dreams , this problem will test you, but if you face it well, you will be able to solve it effectively. So dreaming of running rats is not only a bad sign, it is also an opportunity to learn to resolve conflicts .

The rat: spiritual meaning

The symbolism of the rat in psychoanalysis and in the interpretation of dreams is usually quite negative. However, to end this article on the meaning of dreaming about rats, we want to talk about the spiritual meaning of the rat in other cultures:

According to oriental culture and the Chinese horoscope, the rat is related to generosity, kindness, hope and surprise. The spiritual meaning of the rat defines a passionate person who has much more to contribute than his appearance.