What Does It Mean to Dream About Your Ex

The meaning of dreams in psychology has always been the object of study by this same discipline. The dream world is full of mysteries and, when we go to sleep, it is difficult to control everything that our mind has tried to block throughout the day. That is why we can often dream of truly unthinkable things that leave us with many doubts in our heads.

One of the dreams that leaves us most puzzled and puzzled is dreaming of our former partner. You might be wondering why do I dream about my ex? and what does it mean to dream about my ex? If you want to know what it means to dream of your ex , we invite you to continue reading this interesting article from Transkerja.com

Meaning of dreaming about your ex

If your ex-partner appeared in your dream, you may wonder why I dream of my ex? At the end of a relationship, it is possible that there are some issues or conflicts that you would like to solve since it is a vital experience in our life and that person has meant a lot to us or us. Therefore, dreaming about our ex is not something strange. What does it mean to dream of an ex? We can interpret it as follows:

Dreaming of your ex can have several meanings, these can be related to homesickness, the grieving process, conflict and even insecurity. To analyze our dream, we are going to have to observe what factors appeared in it.

The Transkerja team wants to remember that the interpretation of dreams does not have enough empirical bases to be considered a science, all that you will read next are conjectures based on psychoanalysis and on the meaning of dreams according to other disciplines.

Dreaming of your ex making love

Dreaming of your ex-husband or your ex-wife can have different meanings depending on the theme of the dream. If what you have dreamed is related to having sexual contact, it may mean that you miss being intimate with that person and a part of you seeks to fulfill this desire. It is normal to experience erotic dreams with your ex since he is a person with whom we have shared many sexual relationships and our mind is used to receiving sensual stimuli that, after the breakup, have disappeared.

If you currently have a partner and have dreamed of your ex making love, you may feel that in your current relationship you are missing something and therefore your mind unconsciously seeks to satisfy what it feels you are missing.

What does it mean to dream that your ex is with someone else

On the other hand, if in your dream your ex-partner is with another person, it may have a somewhat more complex meaning: despite the fact that that person is no longer with us, we continue to maintain an unconscious link of relevance, which It makes us feel fear and jealousy in a dream situation such as the fact that your ex is with another person.

What does it mean to dream that you are back with your ex

What does it mean to dream of an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend? What if in the dream you go back to that person? Dreaming that your ex comes back to you is one of the most recurring images when we dream of our ex-partner. These types of dreams can mean many things depending on the feeling we have when we wake up. It can be pleasant or the opposite; Dreaming that you are back with your ex can turn into a real nightmare.

Dreaming that our ex wants to return is usually a sign of a hidden desire that we have to return with him or her , but since that does not happen in the real world, our mind creates scenarios for what we want to do. In any case, we must pay attention to our emotions. According to the theory of psychoanalysis and the meaning of dreams according to Sigmund Freud , our dreams aim to fulfill and satisfy instincts that have not been achieved during the day.

Therefore, if our ex appears on a recurring basis while we dream, we may need to talk to him or her in order to close a wound that our mind keeps open. Try to make amends and solve whatever you think is convenient, practicing assertive communication and avoiding any type of conflict.

It is important to go through a proper grieving process and get over a breakup in a healthy way, otherwise, we may continue to dream about our ex.