Meaning of Dreaming That Your Hair Falls Out

A dream takes on greater meaning when a plot repeats itself repeatedly in a short period of time. In this case, the person can enhance their introspection based on their own dream as a symbol or metaphor for some information that refers to their personal situation. One of the dreams that many people have had at some point in their life is that of sudden hair loss. The meaning of dreaming that your hair falls out can have different points of view, almost always negative. In, we reflect on this question in this article.

The interpretation of dreams

We spend a large part of our life sleeping and in our hours of rest, we experience dreams that become doses of information from those dream images that have their reality material in the fabric of our own rest. One of the authors who has reflected the most on the importance of the meaning of dreams is Freud, author of the book "The Interpretation of Dreams."

Carl Gustav Jung is also the one who gives meaning to dreams to understand the inner universe of the human being , however, in his case, the author approaches the interpretation of dreams from the perspective of analysis.

Beyond the specific thinking of these authors, there is an important reason to give value to the information stored in dreams as metaphors for life. The human being is the same when he sleeps and when he is awake, that is, his identity does not change. For this reason, many of the unconscious experiences that occur in the reality of a dream are conditioned by the protagonist's state of mind, the vital moment he is going through, his illusions or failures ...

Some dreams can have a plausible argument, in this way, you can establish an association of ideas between that anecdote and reality itself. But what happens when the content of that dream surprises you as unpredictable and produces unpleasant emotions that last even when you wake up? What is the meaning of dreaming that your hair falls out?

Dreaming that your hair is falling out: stress and worry

Hair has a special emotional value from the point of view of self-esteem in relation to one's image. That is, beyond being an aesthetic component, this aspect transcends the psychological field. Severe hair loss causes concern when the person experiences this fact in real life. For this reason, a dream that revolves around this theme also reflects a state of mind of concern or anxiety on the part of the protagonist.

For example, when a person dreams of going bald, they live this moment with anguish. In this case, if this dream is repeated in a recurring way in a short period of time, generating uneasy emotions to the affected person, it is positive that the person tries to reflect on whether this dream may be conditioned by a personal circumstance of insecurity, fear, concern. major or chronic stress.

Many of the emotions not resolved in a positive way acquire a greater presence in the language of dreams. For example, worry about hair loss can show the helplessness of someone who feels that they have lost control of a certain situation in their real life.

Dreaming that your hair falls out in clumps: anxiety about aging

When a person is very concerned about their physical image and does not naturally accept the passage of time , observing aging from a negative prism, dreaming that their hair falls out can manifest that alert state that is conditioned by limiting ideas about the old age.

This plot shows this concern, especially in those people who are in a stage of maturity in which they already experience the first signs of the passage of time.

The fear of aging reflected through the concern about hair loss is a feeling that goes beyond aesthetic concern to reach the emotional plane from the perspective of feeling the vulnerability of old age. A dream that can occur, for example, in an age crisis when the person feels at a vital crossroads.

Low selfsteem

In real life, an experience as simple as going to the hairdresser to define a change of look or a haircut represents the value of emotional renewal thanks to the care of one's image. Hair has an important meaning for many people in relation to their own self-concept.

For this reason, a recurring dream in which the person suffers from hair loss may show some symptoms of low self - esteem on the part of the protagonist. This is the case, for example, when the person goes through a stage in which they feel more insecure about themselves.

A dream that acquires a special meaning for you, appeals to your own reflection when it leaves you pensive due to the emotional effect it has generated on your mood. From your own position, you can deliberate on what, in your case, is the possible meaning of dreaming that your hair falls out. What does it suggest to you?