Meaning of Dreaming That You Are Being Chased

When you wake up, you don't always remember what you dreamed of when you were asleep. However, there are dreams that, even if they are not remembered in detail, usually leave a feeling of immediate discomfort due to the tension they produce. This is how you feel when you dream that you are being chased and you try to escape from that situation that puts you in danger. However, dreams and reality can be interconnected. You can also strengthen your level of introspection by considering some of the clues that dreams and nightmares leave you. What is the meaning of dreaming that you are being chased? We tell you all the keys in this regard.

What does it mean to dream that you are being chased: 5 interpretations

In order to know what is the meaning of dreaming that you are being persecuted, we have to bear in mind that it can be a very subjective and personal interpretation. However, in general terms, we can group this dream into 5 great interpretations that are the following:

Being worried about something

Dreaming that you are being chased can be a symbol in itself of something that is really affecting you currently in your life. For example, a situation pending resolution. A fact that follows you wherever you go no matter how much you ignore it or try to postpone it. In that case, this type of dream is usually associated with the experience of some concern that produces uncertainty for some reason.

Personal change situation

When you live a persecution during a dream, there is a reality that is left behind and a new arrival scenario. In that case, observing this dream as a metaphor for one's life, this information can also refer to the need for a change in some aspect of your present. A necessary change that brings with it new airs of freedom by helping you connect with a new living space.

State of stress

Stress affects our well-being so directly that it not only influences our daily lifestyle, but also our own rest. Stress affects the quality of sleep and also causes nightmares that are the result of a mood.

When you are stressed, you suffer more daily tensions, you focus more on the negative aspects, you are more vulnerable to the effect of worries, you feel fear ... All of this, therefore, also influences your own rest. In this case, these nightmares are giving you information about the need to establish new relaxation habits. In this other article we offer you four exercises to channel stress .

Guilty feeling

The experience of persecution during a dream can also be linked to remorse for a certain situation or an unconscious fear. The feeling of guilt can connect with a discomfort that you repress.

Having seen a horror movie

Sometimes these dreams do not refer to an internal message but to an external stimulus received. For example, if you have seen a horror movie shortly before going to bed, this story can leave you with feelings of tension that manifest themselves while you sleep. Some viewers enjoy horror movies, however, many others avoid it because it produces a fear that goes beyond the immediate end of the film.

In that case, it is very possible that you will experience similar episodes and repeated sensations if, mentally, you find it difficult to disconnect from the experience that that film has produced during the two hours of duration. In this type of case, it is very possible that you can observe a cause and effect relationship between the fact of having seen a scary movie at night, and the discomfort experienced during sleep.

How to interpret this dream in your day to day

  • Discover the origin of the dream: beyond the dream expressed in itself, try to listen to what feeling is at the base of that mental experience. And then try to relate that emotion to your own life. Have you felt it regularly at different times in your recent life? That is, try to dialogue with your own dream to understand what this experience wants to tell you (if it has something to tell you).
  • Put things in context . Do not let this dream catch you to death because what happened while you were sleeping is part of a different reality. Remember what your parents told you when you were little and you woke up scared in the middle of the night by a nightmare. From the adult stage, you can repeat that message to yourself. Since, in a way, it is your inner child that is scared right now.
  • Analyze how the dream ends . In addition to the emotion of the dream, you can also remember its ending. Since the outcome leaves a totally different flavor in your mind. For example, if you manage to escape from what distresses you, you feel better than when you feel helpless.
  • Write down your feelings . If you are having a stage of frequent nightmares, you may soon forget all the details shortly after waking up. In that case, you can make some notes in a notebook about any details that seem significant to you. For example, how did you feel?
  • Do not get obsessed with this topic because, also, this dream may not have a greater significance or meaning.

How to prevent the nightmare of dreaming that you are haunted

You cannot control your dreams, in fact, it would not be positive to do so either. However, if these dreams recur in the form of nightmares that wake you up in the middle of the night, try some of these tips to help you relax:

  1. Stress management . Do something to help you release tension. Physical exercise, laughter therapy, mindfulness, relaxation techniques ... Choose the option that helps you the most.
  2. Talk to your doctor if nightmares affect you in such a way that going to sleep makes you anxious or the usual interruption of sleep keeps you from resting.
  3. Enjoy a light dinner before bed.
  4. Ear plugs . If there is any type of noise that bothers you, it is positive that you use these simple products to improve your rest, avoiding those sounds that can influence the development of possible night fears.
  5. Connect with a happy mood. Say goodbye to the day by mentally visualizing some nice and pleasant image.
  6. So, go beyond the pursuit of dream meaning to adopt a relaxing sleep routine through these proactive gestures.