Meaning of Dreaming About Cats

The cat is most commonly linked to the representation of traits commonly linked to female vulnerability and intuition. For example, in both men and women dreaming. The way a feline manifests itself in a dream can suggest how the dreamer experiences many things, both consciously and unconsciously, including vulnerability, intuition, independence, confidence, and dynamics with the opposite sex. In this article we tell you the meaning of dreaming about cats.

What does it mean to dream of cats?

The meaning of dreams in psychology is an interpretation with many discussions about it, however, some experts in the interpretation of soils say that cats in dreams are a symbol of your intuitive ability, and that according to the state of health of the animal, The dream may be telling you if you are paying attention or ignoring your intuition. For example, the meaning of dreaming about a sick cat may be related to the need to listen more to your inner voice and your intuition.

Other experts on the interpretation of dreams affirm that the figure of a cat in the dream world is a symbol of femininity, softness and a desire for freedom and independence. In addition, the meaning of dreaming about cats can also be related to negative factors, such as: bad luck, betrayal and falsehood (from what we can see, opposite meanings can be given).

Meaning of dreaming about an aggressive cat

Dreaming of an aggressive cat could suggest a problem with your physical appearance. Being afraid of the dream cat implies that there is some kind of psychological block with your femininity. Being scratched by a cat in a dream suggests that you feel threatened or in danger.

What does it mean to dream of a cat that hides or plays

  • To dream that your cat is hiding and you cannot find it is a metaphor for your impulses and desires for freedom and independence, it is possible that you feel that someone or something is preventing you from being free.
  • Saving a cat's life from in a dream suggests that you are reclaiming your independence and power.
  • Seeing a cat playing in your dream suggests the need to let go and be more carefree in your day-to-day life. The meaning of cats in your dreams may reflect the need to feel loved, or your fear that you are not sincere with others so that they love you.
  • It is also important to comment that if you are dreaming of a house full of cats, it is possible that you feel very high hopes or expectations with some aspect of your life.

What does it mean to dream of a wild cat

The meaning of dreaming of a wild cat is related to someone in your circle of friends or neighbors, some people say that dreaming of a wild cat means that we will have a dispute with someone around us. On the other hand, snuggling with a cat in a dream suggests that your enemies can be "tamed". A cat that bites you in a dream symbolizes the loss of something , typically related to those closest to you.

Meaning of dreaming about baby cats

If you dream of kittens, especially newborn cats , or cats that meow loudly and cats that cannot be seen, it may be an indication that you feel vulnerable and unable to get help . If you experience this type of dream, you must look at your life and determine whether or not you are being listened to. You can also take the time to identify if part of the problem is the inability to ask for help. Many times, the most independent are also those who are not used to asking for help.

Instead of dreaming of a newborn kitten, you may dream of many. If this happens to you it may mean that you feel absolutely flooded and need to invite more fun, enjoyment and relaxation into your life.

In general, dreaming of newborn kittens usually means that you are in a vulnerable state (for whatever reason) and need care. It is important that you take care of yourself as much as you take care of others.

Meaning of dreaming about colored cats

The meaning of dreaming about cats generally comes down to the dreamer's interpretation of the cat as an animal: some people are attracted to cats while others are repelled. Therefore, as in most symbolic representations, the cat can be viewed in a positive or negative light depending on the circumstances.

Dream about black cats

As most people know, a black cat is often tied to bad luck or bad things to come. Because of this affiliation, black cats instill fear in some. If a dreamer stumbles across a black cat in a dream (and they carry this negative association with a black cat), it could mean that they are afraid to listen to their inner intuition or to connect and possess their feminine power. On the other hand, if the dreamer has a positive association with black cats, then their manifestation in the dream could have a less negative symbolic meaning.

Dream of white cats

Again, the meaning of a white cat materializing in a dream depends on the person's relationship with felines . However, often a white cat symbolizes hard or difficult times ahead. That being said, if you like white cats, it might mean that something wonderful is about to happen!

Dream about gray cats

According to the psychology of colors, gray is a neutral and calming color; therefore it is not surprising that seeing a gray cat in a dream is less symbolically volatile than seeing a white or black cat. Essentially, a gray cat in a dream means that the dreamer should try to take stock of what is happening in the dream and try to determine whether or not there is a message emerging from his subconscious that needs to be tuned in. If so, the presence of the gray cat means that the dreamer must definitely follow the guide found within the dream; after all, it may be your intuition that speaks to you!