How to Tell Someone You Like Him

Sometimes the simple attraction for a person can lead to a strong feeling of love. When that happens, it is important to take action and decide what to do about it. When we spend a lot of time with someone, it can be inevitable to confess our feelings for him or her. However, how do you tell someone that you like him ? What is the best time to confess to someone your love for him or her?

In this psychology article, we are going to give you the best psychological tips and tricks so that you can find a good way to tell someone that you like them . Sometimes a hint is enough. However, if you want to communicate well, you will have to take note of some phrases that we offer you below.

How to tell someone you like without telling them

Before we begin, we have to warn you of something: it is always better to say things directly, bluntly. Effective communication is the foundation of interpersonal relationships, be they love or friendship. However, we understand that there are more introverted people who find it difficult to take this step. For that same reason, we are going to give you some tips to tell someone you like without telling them:

1. Use body posture

to express closeness, without reaching physical contact if you do not feel willing / to do so. When you are talking to the person you like, try to get closer, keep your arms open and a relaxed posture. There are many types of non-verbal language that can help you win over that person.

2. Keep looking

a gesture is worth a thousand words and a look can express everything you feel. Think about what you would like to say to the boy or girl you like and try to capture it all in one look while you both have a conversation.

3. Make small details

Whether it is remembering an important event of his, bringing him breakfast or a coffee if you have stayed, worrying about his concerns ... there are many details you can do and that will serve to tell someone that you like him subtly.

4. Flirt with that person

Try making some jokes about the two of you or trying to talk about your attraction to him or her as a joke, maybe then you will get some clues about how he or she feels about it.

How to indirectly tell someone you like him

Now that you have tried to express your feelings in a subtle way , perhaps the time has come for you to try to tell that special person what you feel, if you are not yet ready to do it directly, we offer you a list of tricks to tell them indirectly:

5. Use humor

You can use humor to express what you feel between the lines. You know what they say: between jokes ... the truth looms.

6. Write him a note

Whether anonymous or not. So you can take your time to collect your thoughts and declare yourself sincerely and without nerves.

7. The power of articles

Send him articles (like this one), photographs with a funny and romantic text and all kinds of hints with a very clear message " I like you "

8. Send him a song

You can send him a song with a title that hints at your attraction and desire for that person, so maybe he'll get the hint and discover what you're feeling.

9. Surprise him!

Try giving it a slightly romantic, but ambiguous detail . For example, if you are meeting for a drink, try going to a different place, with a different atmosphere, give him a gift for Valentine's Day, for his birthday ...

10. Is it good to tell someone that he likes you on WhatsApp?

We know that it is easier to express our feelings when we do not have that person in front of us, but we are sorry to say NO. It is not good to tell someone you like you on WhatsApp. In fact, there are many couple discussions that start on WhatsApp , so it is preferable to declare yourself to someone directly, without using subtle strategies. However, if you decide to communicate the news by message, try to meet him or her that same day to clarify the situation.

How to tell if someone likes you

Another of the great doubts that runs through our minds when we have that emotional chemistry with a person is to know if it is reciprocated love or not . How do you know if someone likes you? To start with, you need to pay attention to the signs in your environment.

Perhaps the girl or boy you like is trying to send you hints in the same way that you are, or maybe not and you want to rethink the situation to know whether to confess your feelings or, otherwise, leave behind an unrequited love. I know what it is, if you want to get rid of doubts, here we leave you a test to see if someone likes you .

What to do when that person doesn't like you?

If you have discovered that what you feel is not shared, you can try to maintain the same relationship that you previously had with that person. However, it is important to comment that, for this, you will need to turn the page and learn to be strong in these types of situations.