What Does It Mean to Dream of Water

Thinking about water can lead us to a variety of options. Water is a very abstract concept, as it is an element that can be conceived in multiple ways, that is, as the sea, a river, an ocean, a glass of water or simply a drop of it. At the same time, the water can be clean, crystalline or cloudy, among thousands of other characteristics. So, if you have ever dreamed of water, you will have to pay attention to the aspects that made up it, as well as the form acquired in the dream to be able to find its exact meaning.

Is water in dreams always synonymous with something negative or can it also have positive connotations? In this Psychology-Online article, we explain the meaning of dreaming about water, specifically if in your dream the water appeared clean, crystalline, cloudy, dirty or from the sea.

Meaning of dreaming about clean water

First of all, it is important to know that in dreams water is the clearest representation of your state of mind. Dreaming of clean water is not the same as dreaming of dirty water. We will see the meaning of dreaming about water based on its characteristics.

If in your dream the water appears clean and pure, it means that in these moments you are calm with yourself, you are in a state of renewal of yourself and full of vitality or energy. The inner peace that surrounds you now, will soon bear fruit, offering you a number of successes in those objectives or goals that you have proposed to achieve. Remember that clean water symbolizes balance and mental clarification.

Meaning of dreaming about dirty water

Contrary to what clean water reflects in our dreams, dreaming of dirty water alerts us to having been trapped in negative emotions. We need to clarify our thoughts and rebuild our inner peace, you may need to take a moment of reflection to pay attention to the problems you have and try to find a solution.

We must remove bad energies and those negative feelings that are not allowing us to remain calm. In addition, dreaming of dirty water can also warn us about our own decisions, we must take them with caution regarding problems that may lie ahead, as they can bring us unpleasant consequences.

Meaning of dreaming about sea water

Depending on whether the sea is calm or, on the contrary, it presents a great swell, dreaming of seawater can also be a representation of inner tranquility or a warning that times of trouble are coming. But there are also other meanings, dreaming of seawater is also the symbol of your demanding nature with yourself, perhaps you are a person who likes everything to be under your control. In this self-demanding test, you will see if you are too demanding of yourself.

Meaning of dreaming of crystal clear water

The meaning of dreaming of crystal clear water can be similar to dreaming of clean water, a reflection of your inner peace and calm. This is a good dream that can only say positive things about yourself. You are an unproblematic person, capable of adapting to the environments in which you find yourself, you are tolerant and you know how to accept situations with the best of your smiles. In addition, crystal clear water represents transparency, you are a sincere and transparent person, you do not like lies or false people and you always put the truth first.

Meaning of dreaming about cloudy water

This dream is a warning from our subconscious that we need to improve our behavior and change our way and see and understand things. It is possible that we are going through a moment full of bad emotions that is only leading us to negativity and to see everything black. Pay attention to the problems that are surrounding you lately, it may be these that have consumed your optimism, but remember that no matter how bad the moment is, something can always happen that provides an unexpected change.

On the other hand, cloudy water symbolizes a lack of control of emotions. Take time to listen to yourself, rearrange your thoughts and feelings, only then will you find the inner peace you need. Everything starts with yourself, you may need to renew your energies and strengthen your self-esteem, when you have achieved it you will be able to face the problems of life with another perspective and in a more positive way.

Interpretation of dreaming about water with other nuances

In addition to those already described, dreaming of water can have other meanings depending on other characteristics or dream scenarios:

  • Dreaming of running water : lately you are having a positive mind, you feel relaxed and comfortable with yourself, you let yourself be carried away by life and you are sure that a good destiny awaits you.
  • Dream about rainwater. Your subconscious is telling you that very soon it is possible that you will receive several good and bad news, one after another. In this way, you will probably come to witness a feeling of sadness or anger and of joy that can lead you to a state of confusion of emotions.
  • Dreaming of water at home : the house in dreams symbolizes ourselves, so dreaming of water at home can be interpreted as that at this moment in your life, the emotional area is very important. Dreaming of leaks at home or dreaming that water falls from the ceiling can mean a wake-up call from your emotions. While dreaming that your house is flooded can mean that emotions are overwhelming you. Here you will find more information about the meaning of dreaming of a house.
  • Dreaming of water on the ground : it can be related to having a low mood.