What Does It Mean to Dream of a House?

Although it may seem otherwise, dreams are more important than we can be giving them, because dreaming is interpreting the reality that we live every day and our most frequent feelings, emotions and thoughts. On many occasions, these dreams may be negative, it is what we know as nightmares, but other times they are reflections of a very positive reality.

There are dreams considered very strange, the product of a mixture of feelings and thoughts of the person. However, there is a long list of very recurring dreams in people and surely you have already had some of them, possibly even several times. For example, dreaming of a house is one of the most common dreams. In this article, we explain the meaning of dreaming of a house, focusing on the meaning of dreaming of a new house, a big one, an old one, and one with many rooms.

Meaning of dreaming of a big house

The meaning of dreaming of a house can vary depending on that house, but also depending on the actions or intentions of the dream: it is not the same to dream of visiting a house, than to dream of buying a house or dreaming of a house under construction. We will see all the interpretations of this dream.

What does it mean to dream of a big and beautiful house? Dreaming of a house can have different meanings, depending on how the house is shown in our subconscious. First of all, it is important to know that the concept of house in dreams is usually the representation of ourselves, a reflection of who we are, what we want to have and our fears. In addition, each room that makes up the house is a reference to a personal aspect that characterizes us.

In this sense, if you dream of a big house, it means that you are having a life full of professional successes and at an economic and family level the environment is pleasant and without problems.

Dream meaning of an old house

In case the house is old in the dream, this may refer to the fact that lately you are not worrying much about your health, your physique, your work or business, etc. This type of dream will be wanting to warn you of how bad things can end if you do not start paying the attention that the most important things in your life deserve. This same meaning is also attributed to dreaming of a dirty, abandoned or ugly house.

Meaning of dreaming of a new house

As with the dream of having a large house, if it is also new, you may know or have the feeling that very soon your life is going to give a positive and successful change or that it has already taken place. and you feel happy and calm with it. Dreaming of a big and luxurious new house is a good sign.

Meaning of dreaming of a house with many rooms

Each room that makes up in a house, in our dreams, refers to each of our personal aspects. Therefore, dreaming of a house with many rooms can be the representation that we enjoy a very rich inner life with many forms of thought and characteristics that nourish us as a person and our self-knowledge, although many times only we ourselves are aware of it and the people who surround us do not know. That is, outside we are representing being less than we really are.

This dream is related to dreaming about discovering rooms, whose meaning, following the previous interpretation, could be related to discovering new facets of yourself or developing new areas of your life.

Interpretation of dreaming of a house with other nuances

In addition to those already described, dreaming of a house can have other meanings that, although they are less recurrent, are just as common. For example, dreaming of an empty house is synonymous with insecurity.

  • Dreaming of a house that does not have walls : it is likely that in your life there is a lack of intimacy at the family level, with friends or other external relationships or at work.
  • Dreaming of a messy house : it indicates that we are witnessing instability, which can be both emotional and in economic, work or family aspects.
  • Dreaming that we clean a house : in the case of dreaming about cleaning a house, it is possible that life wants to warn us that we need a renewal of our interior.
  • Dreaming that we build a house : dreaming of a house under construction means that we are witnessing new positive projects that are coming in our lives.
  • Dreaming of a flooded house : unexpected events in our life that we have to deal with as best we can.
  • Dream of a country house : you long for a quiet life, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the stress of work. It is possible that the circumstances of the moment are telling you that you need a break in your life.
  • Dreaming of a glass house : lately you are receiving comments that are hurting you. If you do nothing against it, everything could get worse and you will end up losing your dignity.
  • Dreaming of visiting a house : as we indicated previously, the house is the representation of oneself, so dreaming of visiting a house is positive and can be interpreted as that you are having more contact with yourself.
  • Dreaming of buying a house : the interpretation of this dream can refer to betting on oneself or investing in oneself.

In addition, on many occasions, we can dream only of a specific room in the house. In this case, the bedroom is a reflection of our love life, the basement of our fears and the attic are our aspirations, especially professionals.

Whatever type of house has appeared in your dream, remember to analyze it in detail. In most cases, dreams are a warning that something is happening in our life and we need to pay attention to it.