What Does It Mean to Dream About Horses

On many occasions our dreams can be characterized by the presence of animals. Although the most common thing is that dogs, cats or other domestic species with which we usually live or are used to seeing in our day to day appear in the dream, the truth is that we can also attend dreams in which our subconscious reflects animals so rare in our daily life as are horses.

In this article, we want to explain to you what is the meaning of dreaming about horses, focusing on white, brown, running, dead and runaway horses.

Interpretation of dreaming about horses

Dreaming of horses does not have to carry negative connotations, but a representation of freedom, as well as physical energy and an active and strong state. However, as in all dreams, depending on the type of horse that appears in ours, as well as the circumstances in which it is, our dream may represent a warning of something unpleasant that may happen to us if we do not act well already time or good and successful things that may be to come. Dreaming of black horses is not the same as dreaming of white horses. Nor is it the same to dream of wild horses running than calm horses. Or even dreaming of dead horses. Therefore, below we will see each detailed interpretation.

Meaning of dreaming about white horses

Normally the color white never symbolizes anything bad, quite the opposite. White is the symbol of purity and worn by an animal as noble and full of strength as the horse, it can only reflect positive connotations. Thus, dreaming of white horses is usually an indication of prosperity, strength and fortune. The vision of white horses in a dream usually wants to tell us that we must take advantage of all the opportunities that come our way to make the change or turn that we need in our life.

Meaning of dreaming about brown horses or negos

Although the opacity of this color can mean something negative, the truth is that a brown horse in our dreams is also a symbol of good vibes. You may need to take charge of your life to go back to pursuing your goals and bigger dreams. Take back that power of independence and of being yourself that you lost to please others.

Closely related to the above, a brown horse in our dream is usually the indicator that you are in a situation surrounded by negative emotions that are affecting you. You may need to get out of there by making those decisions that, while tough, will lead you back to pursuing your goals.

Meaning of dreaming about running horses

Everything will depend on how the horse is running and the circumstances in which it is running. If the horse appears in dreams running gracefully, this can be synonymous with the fact that your life is on the right track and you will be able to successfully achieve all the goals you set for yourself.

However, if the horse is found to be running rapidly away from you and in the opposite direction, it may be a representation that a loved one is cheating on you and away from you or planning something that will cause you great pain.

Meaning of dreaming about dead horses

The presence of any dead animal in a dream usually never carries positive connotations. So, if you have had a dream in which you have witnessed a dead horse, because this animal is a symbol of strength and vitality, this image in dreams represents the loss of a family member, friend or partner who gave you strength and is no longer by your side. It may be due to the end of a sentimental or friendly relationship, as well as the death of a relative or close friend with whom you were very close.

Runaway horses meaning

Since horses are also a great symbol of freedom in dreams, it is clear that dreaming of runaway horses can only represent a freedom that you have lost because your fears do not let you advance. There is a barrier between you and your dreams that you are unable to break in order to achieve them. That runaway horse in dreams takes the form of great advice: fight to conquer your fears, don't give up and don't let anything get in the way of your happiness and your dreams.

Other meanings of dreaming about horses

In addition to those already described, dreaming of horses can have other meanings depending on other characteristics or scenarios of the dream:

  • Dreaming of riding a horse : if in the dream you appear taking a horse ride in a calm way and moving at the same pace as the horse, this can only mean something positive. However, if you are trying to ride a horse that is not allowed or resists it, this can symbolize the existence of a sentimental or friendly relationship in which you are trying to do your part to get along and that there is peace and harmony but you're just getting misunderstandings, arguments, and fights.
  • Dreaming of horses fighting: it is possible that lately you find yourself immersed in different and serious problems with your partner or a relative that are worrying you and are not letting you find peace within yourself.
  • Dreaming of small horses : because the horse symbolizes strength, if it is small, the representation is that of a limited strength. You probably need to boost your self-esteem or find yourself in a weak situation in front of something or a person.
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