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Miami, FL, United States Woodworking company near me - The notion of carpentry refers to the activity, the work and the workplace of a carpenter. Carpenters, for their part, would be the individuals who are dedicated to working with timber (the most solid sector of trees, which can be covered by the bark). The purpose of carpentry would be to modify the characteristics of wood to construct useful objects. Wooden furniture, such as chairs, tables, and desks, is a product of design.

Custom Woodwork Near Me in Miami, FL, United States

We work from the plan of the furniture into the final meeting, taking care of every last detail. We pick the very best materials, both in the choice of wood and in the auxiliary components and fittings. We cover all phases of work, from the design, manufacture, installation and assembly of the furniture created for the office, premises or company. In addition, we do the job for professionals such as architects, interior designers or decorators, making all sorts of carpentry projects come true.

Custom Woodworks in Miami, FL, United States adds personality, personality and distinction to any inside or outside space and can transform doorways, doors, railings, cabinets, shelves and columns to authentic functional works of art. These jobs may use softwoods (pine, cedar, and other softwoods), or hardwoods (such as oak and maple), exotic woods, reclaimed wood, and now even synthetic alternative woods.