Wooden Countertop for Your Kitchen, Choose It Well!

The countertop of a kitchen greatly influences the final appearance of the room. It is one of the elements that receives the most use and that, as a consequence, experiences more wear and tear. Choosing the correct and suitable countertop requires a little preliminary work of information to make the right decision. We give you some tips to help you choose correctly.

The first thing you should consider is the use you are going to give it and the time you can dedicate to taking care of it. Are you one of those who cook succulent menus or who simply makes a sandwich or salad in the kitchen? It is important to know if the countertop is going to be exposed to heat, juice or stains that can loosen the food and that can damage the material of the same, in this case the wood.

Depending on the use, the choice of countertop will be different. You can opt for one that needs little maintenance, in which there are no food or other stains. In general, wooden countertops are an aesthetic option that will give your kitchen a special, organic and natural touch.

Wood countertops are a perfect fit for both a rustic and modern kitchen style. They can be made of solid wood: oak, beech, walnut ... It is advisable to opt for this type of materials to ensure greater durability and resistance. Water and grease marks are the most frequent, so it is necessary to take special care in the areas of the sink and the hob.

As for its periodic maintenance, to avoid its deterioration, it is advisable to brush it, sand it and varnish it once or twice a year. There are special varnishes that can increase the resistance of wood to external aggressions such as cuts or scratches and also reduce porosity.

Humidity and water is one of the factors that most affect the condition of the wood. It is therefore important to avoid leaving damp or wet cloths on the worktop for too long and to try to dry it as much as possible.