The 5 Investments That Guarantee Well-Being

The decisions that we make in the economic sphere have repercussions beyond the sphere itself; affecting our self-esteem, our confidence or the opportunities that we decide or not to take advantage of.

Money is a scarce resource. On the other hand, in recent decades consumerism has taken over the decisions of many people . This has led to many times that the true investments that guarantee well-being are not made.

The consumerism is a siren song to which it is hard to resist. However, its appeal usually ends when the lion shows its tusks and there are no resources left to feed it. Hence the importance of being clear about the investments that guarantee well-being.

It may not seem like it, but money has the power to stir up very intense emotions. There are even many people who associate its value to the number of zeros they have in their checking account.

Thus, the currency is not only a unit of measurement to buy or sell, it is also in many cases of self-esteem or confidence. In this way, today we want to highlight five investments that are positive for our well-being.

"The ideal investor is a patient person, who invests for the long term, enjoying the journey and not so much the result, who is not carried away by emotions, with convictions, but with a desire to learn."

1. In knowledge

Financiers say that you should always invest in assets; These are those elements or factors that make you money, instead of demanding it . That said, knowledge  is one of the well-being investments that make up a valuable asset. In fact, the most important of all.

Knowledge is a factor that even leads to change the world. Without going that far, you can change your world. Today there is a lot of  relevant information that can be obtained for free. The point is not to accumulate titles, but to invest time in acquiring meaningful knowledge , capable of enabling you to perform actions that later turn into money.

2. Health

Health is another of those investments that never fail. In the same way, when it is not invested in it, the result can be disastrous, even to the point of bankruptcy. A chronic disease , for example, reduces the ability to produce and requires additional expenses on many occasions.

Investing in health means eating smart , spending time in physical activity, and keeping your mind and emotions stable. Lack of good health limits you to enjoy many things in life. Consider it a good that you must treasure, without stinginess .

3. Saving, one of the investments that guarantee well-being

Saving is above all a habit and a lifestyle . It does not have to do with pettiness, nor with restrictions, but with a long-term vision. Everything currently undermines a thrifty attitude; in fact, what there are are continuous invitations to spend now and pay later, that is, to go into debt.

Once in debt, it becomes much more difficult to save. However, whatever your situation, it is always important to allocate some amount for savings. The most appropriate thing is not to save what you have left over, but to spend what you have left after allocating an amount to save . In the medium and long term, it can literally be a salvation for you.

4. Peace of mind for old age

There is a Chinese proverb that says: " the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago " . It refers to the fact that the present is inexorably a fruit of what has been done in the past. What happens now and will happen in the future depends on the decisions that are made and their scope.

The best time to plan for old age is when you are young . And if you are not young, in any case the most advisable thing is that you do not wait any longer and do it now. Well-being must be guaranteed in the golden years, an age in which one can become in a very vulnerable position, if there is no autonomous maintenance.

The objective, finally, is that you have a guaranteed source of income for when you can no longer work, or have limitations to do so. You can choose the conventional means or bet on parallel channels. The important thing is that you do not lose sight of this long-term investment.

5. An own project

Today it is much easier than before to have or start your own business . It does not have to be very large, or give you huge benefits economically. The idea is that it can be an extra source of income, that it can be a pleasant and proud part of your history and that, in difficult moments, it can even be a lifeline.

In addition, your own business should be the most profitable source of investment . You don't have to think of a multinational, but especially of something that you like and that even amuses you. You might be surprised at how valuable your own source of income can be, even if it doesn't bring you much at first.

The important thing, in any case, is to review how we manage our capital globally. Think more about the projects or investments from which we can reap added value . It can be socially, emotionally, and of course also financially.