If You Get Tired, Learn to Rest, Not Give Up

In the process until reaching a goal, doubts, fears and wishes to throw in the towel may arise. Find out how to deal with it without giving up.

How many times have you thought " I can't take it anymore " and finally you did it? And how many times has physical or mental exhaustion caused you to give up a purpose that you really longed to achieve? The difference between these two scenarios lies in the attitude we adopt when faced with a situation that seems to overwhelm us. So when you get tired, learn to rest, not give up.

The perseverance, discipline and resilience are qualities that not all present in the same degree. However, they are essential to continue efforts when the goal seems increasingly distant.

Fortunately, we can modify our habits and the way we deal with stress and adversity so that lack of results does not lead us to abandon the goal.

Why do you want to give up?

We have all felt the need to throw in the towel on many occasions and in various areas of our lives. It is completely natural and is not a sign of weakness or laziness. However, understanding the source of that desire to give up can help you adopt a new perspective before doing so . Thus, among the main causes we can find the following.

Low expectations

We often want to give up when we find that our expectations are not being met . However, we have to ask ourselves, were these expectations realistic and tight? If we wanted to lose 20 kilos of weight in a month or we expected to be fluent in a new language in eight weeks, it is easy to understand why we are not getting the expected results.

Dysfunctional thoughts

The mind can be our greatest ally but also our worst enemy, and its influence on our motivation and our actions is totally decisive. When we entertain thoughts like " I'm never going to make it " or "it 's clear I'm not cut out for this ", our self-confidence decreases and without it it becomes impossible to persevere.

Inadequate strategy

Finally, we may find it difficult to succeed because we have not strategized properly. Wanting to achieve everything the first time, immediately and without margin for error, burdens us with a pressure that is difficult to bear.

You need to be flexible , adaptable, and able to change course. And, in the same way, it is essential to learn to rest, to stop along the way when necessary.

Learn to rest

There are many situations in which the above causes can sabotage our attempts to achieve a goal. Whether we want to get a good job, improve a skill, develop a healthier lifestyle, or even work on our mental health, we will encounter obstacles that we must learn to cope with . And for this it is essential to know how to rest.

So if you've been working toward a goal for a while and it still seems impossible to achieve, stop. Rest and take advantage of this pause to make certain changes :

  • Adjust your expectations to reality. Make sure your goals are achievable and accessible from where you are now. Later you can go leveling up.
  • Check your internal dialogue. What messages are you sending to yourself regarding the process you are carrying out? Make sure that all your words are encouragement, empowerment and confidence in yourself. Tell yourself that you are capable, that you are tenacious, persevering and successful, even if you don't believe it at the time.
  • Divide your goal into smaller intermediate goals that you can achieve in the short term. And celebrate each of those victories, reward yourself and thank yourself for the effort made up to that point. With each goal accomplished, you will renew your energy and confidence that you are capable of reaching the end.

Who learns to rest, does not give up

Above all, allow yourself to rest. Accept that this is a process in which various emotions will arise, including exhaustion and doubts . When this happens, do not assume that it is the end, do not think that you failed or that you should give up; you just need to rest.

Stop, review what you have been doing so far, what works and what needs to be changed. Don't be afraid to turn around or change strategy, rectify or redirect yourself. Also, remember that no path is linear and we do not always go up ; it's okay to stop for a moment or even descend sometimes. If you really want to achieve something, learn to rest, not to give up.