Everything You Need to Know About the Countertop for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen countertop is a very important element both aesthetically and functionally. They not only allow you to place the ingredients you need to cook in a practical way, but also and more importantly in a hygienic way. In addition to the ingredients, they are also the place to put kitchen accessories and everything that is part of the preparation of your recipes and daily food. If you are looking for kitchen countertops in Madrid that meet these requirements, you have several high-quality models in different materials.

Having a kitchen countertop with a good design adjusted to your needs is essential, so it needs a detailed assessment, so that you can choose the best in terms of shape, practicality and quality. Not all materials have the same necessary durability and antibacterial characteristics. In fact, the best countertop models are those that are made of granite, marble, stone, or natural quartz.

Types of countertop and their characteristics

When choosing a countertop you must take into account the material with which it is made, also taking into account the characteristics and decoration of your kitchen, and of course the style you want to create. It is not the same a classic style, a modern, retro, or rustic, each of them requires a different countertop where the manufacturing material counts to give the final touch.

Within the different types of countertops, in general, the following should be noted:

Solid wood countertops

These types of countertops are quite decorative and have the advantage of finding them in various shades, although they are not very practical since they are more susceptible to scratches and deterioration.

Stone countertops

Stone countertops stand out for their strength and durability, such as those made of granite and / or marble. The main characteristics of this type of worktop are given not only by its natural appearance, but also by its great resistance to abrasions and scratches, as well as the great hardness of the material. Another advantage is the possibility of finding marbles and granites of different colors so they easily adapt to any decorative style.

To find kitchen countertops in Madrid made with these materials, you can turn to prestigious brands such as Silestone and One Quartz, two of the best brands of countertops on the market that guarantee not only the best quality, but also the most competitive price.

Solid composite countertops

Within this model of countertops you can find acrylic countertops that differ by being moldable, and quartz countertops whose resistance and hardness are more than proven.

Quartz countertops, in addition to their great resistance, are very easy to clean and have an ideal appearance for modern and functional kitchens. The QUARTZ COMPAC brand offers you different shades ranging from pink, through orange, intense blue, coffee, black or even lilac, and many more, a wide range of colors to complete the decoration of your kitchen.

Steel countertops

Steel countertops have become fashionable, although they are mainly those used in hotels and restaurants, due to their hygienic properties. The disadvantage of this type of countertops is that they do not always fit according to what type of decoration. Its very particular style does not allow the versatility of colors and finishes that quartz, granite or marble countertops can offer us, so it limits us a bit when creating different decorative styles.

Laminate countertops

They are countertops made of a type of synthetic material covered in plastic, which are usually sold in various colors and are easy to clean. Obviously its durability and resistance are not as good as other types of materials.

Formica countertops

What this material does is use sheets of various materials to achieve a smooth compact result, being able to imitate other materials such as aluminum, wood, stone, marble, etc. Their weak point is robustness and durability, so in the long run they are not so profitable.

In addition to the above, a material known as Stoneglass has been added to the market, which is made from the fusion between ceramic and silica particles. This new material for countertops gives a finish very similar to that of marble, but surpasses it in hardness, shine, resistance and impermeability. All these characteristics make Stoneglass the ideal material for kitchen countertops, even more so if we add that it is one hundred percent recyclable and ecological.

Now you know all the possibilities that exist to choose the countertop that best suits your needs and style. Keep in mind that in addition to the finish and aesthetics, it is very important to choose resistant materials that comply with the appropriate hygiene conditions.