What to Do When You Hate Your Job but Want to Be Successful and Happy

There is nothing more depressing or making you feel more unhappy than having a job that you hate or don't feel comfortable in. That despair you feel when it is Sunday and you know that the next day you have to get up early to go to a job where you don't feel well or where you have difficulties either with your boss or with your coworkers or with both. You spend the whole week waiting for Friday, all to make the weekend feel anxious and stressed from how short it is and the fact that you have to go back to work the following Monday.

There are different reasons for this situation, either because you do not like what you do or because you have problems with certain people, or you feel that you are treated badly and do not recognize your work. No matter what the cause is, the important thing is that you know that everything has a solution, in fact I believe that we all go through something like this at some time. When I worked as a project manager, in Mexico and here in Canada there were times when I did not want to go to work, but without a doubt I was able to manage my emotions, change a bit my feeling about myself, my abilities and later I was able to change my job for the better.

In this article I share some things that I did to change my situation and to help you improve your current situation.

10 things to do when you hate your job

1. Recognize what your discomfort symptoms are

The first thing to do is be more aware of what is happening and what exactly is making you feel that way. Yes, I know it may seem very easy or even a bit silly, but the point is that although it seems obvious what makes you feel that way, like a boss who is too grumpy or treats you badly, or the fact that you do not take with your co-workers, maybe there are other things that generate that situation. The objective is to know what ideas or thoughts generate that feeling, what you think of your boss, what you think of your colleagues and what you think of yourself.

Believe it or not, this may be an opportunity for you to get to know yourself more, to know what you really want to achieve in your life and what ideas and behaviors are necessary for you to change to carry it out. You see, even when other people have certain negative behaviors, that does not mean that you cannot do anything to solve the situation and improve.

The fact that you feel that way means that it is time to do something to change, change what you do, what you think and improve your work situation.

2. Work with a coach or specialist in work situations

When you are already in a situation where you no longer want to go to work and you hate being there, or just thinking about work causes you stress or makes you feel anxious then it is time to dedicate some time to your personal work. improve this whole situation.

Realize that it is not only the fact that you do not want to go to work but what emotionally generates the whole situation. And all this you can start to see in how you feel. Perhaps you feel that you are more tired, or maybe you tend to eat emotionally, you cannot sleep well, your motivation is declining, as well as your concentration and in general your level of professional and personal satisfaction are totally affected. Also, all this affects your personal life, because you have less energy, you feel down and your personal relationships are affected.

All this is essential that you pay attention to it because your personal life and your own health are at risk. A job coach or life coach can help you get out of this situation more easily and quickly. One of the things a coach can help you with is to be more aware of what is happening and give you ideas to change the situation.

When all your emotional, physical and mental resources are exhausted by the same situation, it is less likely that with that mentality you can generate more direct and beneficial solutions, because at this moment your emotions can lead you to decide something that in the long term will not be so good. That is, at this moment you are in a situation of despair and quite possibly you will not see positive solutions.

Explore your interior

Invest a little time to rediscover your value , sometimes after these kinds of situations we forget what we are really capable of doing, what we like to do. Above all, we forget that we deserve to have a job that we love, where we are respected and what we can contribute is valued. Try to reflect a little on what your work allows you to do and what it means to you, the following questions will help you achieve it:

  • What kinds of relationships do I want to experience at work and throughout my career?
  • What values, ethics and principles are important to me and that the company I work for also has and respects?
  • How can I contribute to the people I work for or those I serve through my work?
  • How do I want to feel each day before I go to work?
  • How do I want to feel at the end of each day after going to work?
  • What kind of lifestyle do I want to have and that my job allows me to maintain?
  • What can my career help me to develop in terms of skills and experiences?
  • What kind of person does my career allow me to become, beyond my abilities and what I can learn, rather as a person?

If perhaps working with a coach or therapist is not possible for you at this time, consider investing in some type of course to help you answer these questions. Also one that helps you change your mindset towards a more positive one where it allows you to focus on solutions and create a life that you really like. I invite you to consider working with me as a coach or if you want to attend my virtual course to improve self-esteem , which is focused on getting the best out of yourself, detecting limiting ideas and beliefs that make you act in a certain way, as well as removing limiting behaviors .

3. Find your life goal

Sometimes we don't even know why we do things, or we're just going to work because that's what we're supposed to do, but it's not really our goal in life. It happens many times that a career is chosen based on what can give us better financial benefits or what is fashionable, instead of really looking within ourselves what really makes us feel satisfied as individuals. That is why this moment is crucial that you know what you really want to achieve with your life.

I do not believe that being happy and satisfied with it is a privilege, but rather it is a right. A right that we forget or which we grew up without paying attention to, so much so that we no longer take it into account to live. Work should be your means to express who you are, to express your creativity and to develop as an individual. In this moment that you are not happy at work, ask yourself if what you do is really what you want to spend the rest of your life doing, if it is not then find what will make you reach a higher level of satisfaction.

I recommend you do this life goals exercise  based on Vishen Lakhiani's book or, failing that, you can read his book, which is really good to take your life to the next level.

4. Change your mindset regarding work and yourself

Something that you may find a bit difficult to believe and apply is removing your attention from the negative. You see, being focused on that issue that we hate so much only makes it more difficult, keeps us focused on it, and makes us feel worse. This is one of the tips that I personally used when I found myself in these types of situations, and it consists of trying to think about the positive things that working there gives you. This will immediately make you feel better, not because the situation changes but because you begin to change your attitude.

Obviously, this is not magic and you are not going to change the way people are or their attitudes but I can assure you that you will start to stop seeing them and that they are so important to your life. In this situation, what I recommend is to use this method of forgiveness that I use to change my feelings, especially with my boss and after a couple of weeks of specific work the relationship improved, which allowed me to look for other job opportunities more calmly and with a better attitude.

I used to listen to Martha Debayle in Mexico and especially when she invited her brother Roberto Debayle to give advice on how to look for work and how to prepare for successful interviews. Something that he said continuously and it is totally true, is that it is more difficult to find work when you find yourself in an attitude that you have to desperately change, than when you do it with a much more positive attitude and to improve. This is simply some neuro-linguistic programming, causing us to behave in a certain way when we are in interviews or looking for a new job.

So, the best investment not only to feel better about yourself and your work is to change your attitude in it, so you will remove that stress that going to work generates. But you also open yourself to the opportunity to find another job or some other opportunity that comes your way based on a more positive mindset and more open to finding better things to express yourself.

5. Consider expanding your thinking and consider becoming an entrepreneur

The truth is that I believe that we have been inculcated to believe that the only way to survive and earn money is by being employees, but the truth is that today and with technology so close at hand that more and more people are becoming entrepreneurs and create their own companies. I know that just thinking about starting your own business or depending entirely on you can be a bit overwhelming and can even scare you. But the reality is that you may be able to experience feeling much more satisfied with your life and with yourself by doing what you are truly passionate about.

I'm not telling you that tomorrow you quit and start a new business, what I suggest is that you start contemplating the idea of ​​what you would like to do to help you meet your life goals. Make an analysis of your skills , your skills and your experience. Maybe what you are currently doing has nothing to do with what you want to do the rest of your life or with that passion of yours, but I assure you that your current job has given you much more than you can recognize. What you do today has helped you develop certain skills, it has kept you financially concerned, and perhaps it has given you the opportunity to discover something in yourself. It is more the fact that today you feel like this, it gives you the opportunity to look for something else that makes you vibrate with energy and motivation.

What's more, to do this you don't even have to give up, you can maybe start sharing your knowledge, create an online course (there are already many platforms that help you achieve this like Udemy or Hotmart ), create a blog or vlog and there begin to see how much people consume your information and how much you can help them. For me, one of the tips that has served me the most is that the goal of all this is not the money you can earn, but your ability to help other people in an honest way.

6. Begin to further develop your skills and knowledge

Don't just think about what you are doing today, think about what you want to achieve and where you want to work. Focus on the positive, on what things can help you achieve the job of your dreams. When your current attitude is to be constantly complaining, you are in a bad mood or you just feel insecure that is what you transmit to your co-workers and your boss.

On the other hand, when you start to act as if you already had the job of your dreams , you begin to try to develop the necessary skills for that job, you begin to act in a different way, you stop paying attention to those negative attitudes of your boss or your colleagues And you can really focus on the positive and what makes you happy.

Not only will you feel that your job no longer sucks as much as you thought it would, but you will have more opportunities to improve it and even acquire a new one where you are really able to apply your skills and what makes you feel happy and satisfied.

Now that you have done an analysis of your skills and abilities, you will be able to sell yourself in a better way in new jobs or even with your own boss to raise your position or raise your salary. Realize that everything begins inside you, it is necessary that you change the way you currently see yourself, that you change your discomfort so that everything else changes around you.


As you can see, my approach is that you work on yourself, as I mentioned to you, we cannot change what happens around us, or the way others behave, but surely we are in that situation for something. And the first thing we must do to change it is to change our way of thinking, change the focus of the negative that we see in the environment, in other people and what we do not like and start thinking about everything that situation gives us. lets achieve.

Maybe your job is not the best, but it gives you a monthly payment to eat and do other things, it allows you to interact with other people and grow, especially individually. What you need to learn is that when you find yourself in a situation of this type where you do not feel well and you start to stress, it is the indicator that you have to make the change.

You can also read my article on how to love your job , which will give you some other ideas to help you get out of this situation.