The Importance of Communication in the Company

Organizational communication is key for the proper development of a company, while the transmission of information is decisive both internally and externally. Communication is present in teamwork and in coordination between the different departments, but it is also essential externally since a company communicates information about itself to society and customers.

A communication that is also in constant evolution since, currently, the digital reality of many companies also reinforces the corporate image through online communication. In this article, we reflect on the importance of communication in the company.

What is business communication

It also receives the name of corporate communication and groups together those actions that are perfectly aligned with the purpose of developing a project that is sustained on the basis of internal communication to organize the tasks of the different jobs and external, to present to the public. the products and services that are part of the business catalog. The meaning of this concept can also be understood in its comprehensive scope through the functions it synthesizes.

Functions of business communication

Here we list what these functions are:

1. External motivation

A person who is not internally motivated will not be able to achieve a state of satisfaction with his daily work only through the reinforcement of external communication. There are many types of motivation at work, however, the food of business recognition towards employees is a fundamental pillar of human resources. Through this fact-based and objective recognition, the team receives the message that they have done a good job.

2. Development of the digital transformation of an entity

Currently, many companies are updating their image through actions aimed at positioning their name on the Internet. For example, creating a website is a possible idea for both large companies and small businesses.

3. Generation of changes

A company advances in the achievement of goals that determine a direction to follow. To undertake this process of change, it is essential to have the asset of communication as a source of information.

4. Solution of a corporate crisis

A company can experience crisis situations in which its image can be damaged in the absence of an adequate response. Business communication has the function of defining the action protocol in this context. Find out here how to resolve a conflict at work.

Types of business communication: examples

Now that you know the importance of communication in the company, do you know what the different types of communication are in the company?

External and internal communication

The external communication is one that a company uses to connect with regular or potential customers, suppliers and external partners to it. It refers to the management of the brand image in its connection with the external environment.

On the contrary, internal communication refers to the correct communication with employees as a fundamental basis for building a team, improving coordination and achieving the planned objectives.

Formal and informal communication

Formal communication is one through which specific indications are transmitted through an interaction protocol established in the company. On the contrary, informal communication is one that occurs in the relational sphere of the day-to-day work experience.

Horizontal and vertical communication

Horizontal communication is that which occurs between people who hold the same job in a company or maintain a bond of companionship as part of the same department. Thanks to this communication, it is possible to coordinate the different functions in that group.

On the contrary, vertical communication is one that occurs at an ascending or descending level.

Upward and downward communication

When analyzing the organization chart of a company, it is possible to observe a structure in which communication can make an upward movement when the message is transmitted from the employees to other positions of greater responsibility. This is the case, for example, in the information transmitted through a suggestion box.

Downward communication, on the other hand, follows the opposite line of expression of a message that is driven from management to employees . It also includes the example of someone who occupies a position of responsibility and sends clear information to his team.

How to improve communication at work

Here are some ideas to help you achieve this:

1. Improved internal communication

For example, it is possible to implement measures to give more voice to employees . Or reflect on the type of leadership used in the company in order to adopt a style that facilitates overcoming difficulties in teamwork. Discover here some tricks to encourage assertive communication at work.

2. Organization of productive work meetings

A meeting is not effective simply because it is called. The call must have a starting time, a closing time, a subject that describes the topic to be discussed, a schedule and a prior planning. But, in addition, the meetings can also be completed with a subsequent follow-up.

3. Training

Learning objectives can not only be linked to the acquisition of technical skills. Business communication can be the object of study for those who wish to train in this matter.

4. Company events

Among the possible measures carried out to improve business communication, you can also consider this point. Events that connect with new goals . An act of this type must have a specific reason that determines the reason for the call.