Strengths and Weaknesses to Say in a Job Interview

A job interview is an opportunity to get that job. This meeting between the company and the candidate highlights the question as a practical tool to get to know the professional better. Through the answers that the candidate offers through his oral communication and non-verbal language, the interviewer can better know the person in front of him from the point of view of his skills.

In active job search, you refine your resume to present your best image. And you also want to make a good first impression in the interview. They may ask you about your professional strengths and weaknesses. What are the strengths and weaknesses to say in a job interview ? In the psychology, we give you ideas.

What strengths to say in a job interview: examples

Have you been asked about your strengths and weaknesses in job interviews? The information in this article can give you ideas that can inspire you to find your own answer. In fact, the authenticity in the answers is a personal brand value in the interview. What are the strengths that can differentiate yourself?

1. Specialization

If you consider that your studies support your knowledge in a specific sector, you can highlight this qualification as a competency that differentiates you. Not only can you highlight those achievements you have made to date, but you can also show your readiness for ongoing training.

2. Punctuality

The competition of punctuality is even present in the interview since arriving at the scheduled time for the meeting reinforces the candidate's image. But, in addition, this punctuality is also a strength that can be linked to other routines. For example, meeting delivery deadlines.

3. Vocation

If you consider yourself a vocational person and the job position you want to apply to connects with this theme, do not hesitate to highlight this reality that shows that inner call that you feel as a mission that leads you towards that path. In addition, the vocation is closely related to a positive attitude and proactivity at work .

4. Teamwork

Many jobs require this constant collaborative competence . If you feel that this is a defining strength, because you already have previous experience in jobs in which you have been happy collaborating with others in the fulfillment of common goals, describe this aspect with sincerity.

5. Autonomy

Other people, on the other hand, feel more comfortable working individually on goals specific to their position that are not directly linked to the participation of other colleagues. In that case, assertively express that you are an autonomous and decisive person if you do not apply for a position for which teamwork is essential.

What weaknesses to say in a job interview

The weaknesses of a person can be of many types. What ideas can you express in this field? Here are some examples of job weaknesses to answer in a job interview.

1. Ignorance of languages

Knowledge of English is one of the most highly valued requirements on the curriculum, especially in some market niches. If your level of English is low or medium, you can express your desire to continue learning to remedy this lack of knowledge.

2. Little experience

Those people who have little professional experience can show that they are aware of this since, in addition, this data is observable in the information on the curriculum. However, this fact can be offset by training and the desire to learn.

3. Time management

Time is part of the professional and personal reality of a human being, it is not a material entity, however, some workers feel that they live with the feeling of lack of hours. In that case, you can express a weakness that is linked to the need to better organize your schedule. You can also highlight below that your planning has improved.

4. Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a fact that can be shown in a job interview when, objectively, the person feels that they constantly demand to give their best in the achievement of new goals.

Now that you know what strengths and weaknesses you should say in a job interview, we are going to offer you some final advice. Keep reading this article to prepare for an excellent job interview and to be able to have a positive attitude.

5 Tips to Answer the Question of Weaknesses and Strengths

Here are five tips that you can put into practice when asked the typical question of: 3 qualities and 3 defects in a job interview.

1. Link to the job

Weaknesses and strengths acquire their own meaning in their connection with the needs of the job for which the person opts. Therefore, find out about the characteristics of the position and contextualize your answers.

2. Sincerity

Naturalness is a personal brand value because it conveys authenticity. Trust that when the time comes you will find the right answer. An interview is not an exam but a professional conversation in which the truth is a valuable ingredient. Otherwise, if you exaggerate your strengths or lie about your weaknesses, this information can be easily verified when you join the job.

3. Make your strengths differentiate you

For example, maybe your level of English is not high, however, you have a CV that describes a training trajectory that positions you as a specialist in a specific sector. All resumes have some kind of deficiency if viewed from extreme perfectionism; what is truly decisive is what you can contribute to the organization .

4. Attitude

When you talk about your weaknesses or your strengths in a job interview, you are talking about yourself. Do not bring the positive points to the plane of ego or vanity. Also, do not make the mistake of describing weaknesses from the feeling of inferiority. Convey a positive attitude at all times.

5. Don't forget the context

Do not confuse honesty with being an open book since you are in front of an interviewer, not your best friend. Share information about yourself, but do not go around, or say anything that could harm you according to your own common sense.