Personal Motivation Techniques at Work

Motivation is a word derived from the word "motive" which means needs , desires or impulses that people have. It is the process of encouraging people to take actions to achieve their goals. In the work context, the psychological factors that stimulate the behavior of workers can be: the desire to earn money, achieve success or recognition, job satisfaction, etc.

One of the most important functions of management is to promote the will of employees to perform their duties to the best of their ability. Therefore, the role of a leader is to spark the interest of his employees in work. We can say that motivation at work is a psychological phenomenon that implies that the needs and desires of individuals must be addressed taking into account an incentive plan. In this article we will talk about different techniques of personal motivation at work.

Importance of motivation at work

Before discovering what are the personal motivation techniques at work, we believe that it is important to analyze why it is interesting to have a motivated team.

In the case of the individual , this importance is due to the fact that:

  • Motivation will help the person reach their personal goals
  • If a person is motivated, they will have job satisfaction
  • Motivation will help the person's self-development
  • One person would always win by working with a dynamic team

On the other hand, motivation is important for a company in the following way:

  • The more motivated employees are, the more empowered the team will be
  • The greater the teamwork and individual contribution of employees, the more profitable and successful the business is
  • During periods of change, motivation leads to more adaptability and creativity
  • Motivation will lead to an optimistic and challenging attitude in the workplace

It is important to avoid that employees do not feel valued at work because, if this happens, their performance may drop and their creativity and productivity will also be diminished.

Motivation in the workplace

What requirements must a company or organization meet to promote motivation? Here we show you some of those characteristics:

  • Immediate reward system after performance : There must be a fair reward structure that provides incentives to the most deserving employee Having an incentive structure in place does not solve the problem on its own, what makes it work is that employees trust the system and believe that they will be rewarded if they work well.
  • Recognize the work done : although a worker has not been rewarded by the incentive system for not being the best, something important is that he is recognized by his boss for a job well done, even if it has not been enough to be rewarded in the system.
  • Transparency : although there are some strategic decisions that it is not good to share with employees. Good contact and communication with employees must be maintained to prevent rumors.

The 9 best personal motivation techniques at work

Some of the techniques that can be used to promote motivation at work are:

  • Good communication : communicating with other people can increase your energy and your desire to improve yourself. Talk to optimistic and motivated people around you.
  • Stay optimistic : when we overcome obstacles we always do our best to overcome them. We must also accept that in addition to good things there are also others that are not so good.
  • Discover your areas of interest: If you have no interest in a task, you should stop for a moment and rethink whether you should do it. If a person has no interest in a task, but it needs to be done, they should frame it within a larger final goal that motivates or interests them.
  • Self-knowledge : one should try to know when his motivation is saturated and he feels that he cannot take it anymore. In addition, you must know how to identify when a project is an opportunity to grow as a person.
  • Monitor your success : record your successes by forming a kind of success graph for the tasks you are working on. In this way you can observe progress, what it is related to and encourage it.
  • Increase energy level : Energy is essential for motivation. Exercise regularly, take care of the quality of your sleep.
  • Support and motivate others : discuss and share your opinions and ideas with your friends or colleagues and help each other to stay motivated. Invite your environment to provide you feedback on the performance of your tasks.
  • Encourages learning: it is very important to reinforce learning. Learning makes a person more confident in starting new tasks, and is constantly exposing themselves to novel situations that make them grow as a person, set goals and therefore increase their motivation.
  • Break Bigger Goals Into Smaller Goals - Set a short time frame for reaching small goals that will lead to a bigger goal. In this way, you will keep motivation high more easily.