Happiness at Work. It's Possible?

  • "I am not happy in my work ..."
  • "My work no longer motivates me ..."
  • "I do not want to go to work…"

These phrases seem familiar to us, right?

Many of us have said them at some point, or quite a few, it depends on the situation of each one and the work circumstances we have. In any case, it is not something that is distant or unknown to us. Rather, it could be said that these types of phrases are more normalized than saying the opposite, "I like my job, I want to go to work, I am happy doing what I do."

The happiness is something very relative. It is such a particular concept that everyone can make their own interpretation of what it means, where it is, how it is achieved, etc. And if we refer to job happiness, it is even more different, because not everyone does the job they would like, nor does they have the ideal environment, nor with the team that they would have chosen.

Happiness at work can be found if we do what we have prepared ourselves for, so then we like our profession and it fills us. But it can also be in the labor, economic conditions or in the personal relationships that I have created and with which I share my working day.

Feeling happy at work depends on many factors and each person will focus on the aspect that is most relevant to them. But the perspective that I have of it, the way in which I live my work and place it in my life can be crucial to favor or not my happiness with him and in him.

If I give it the utmost importance by neglecting other areas of my life and only focus on work and its concerns, I constantly complain about the job I have, longing for something better all the time, surely I am not happy, but not only at work. but in my life in general.

The work is one more piece of the puzzle. If it fits or not with the rest of the pieces, I will have to analyze it and see how it can add me and not subtract.

Do you think that you could do something to achieve happiness at work?

Do you think that everything depends on external conditions or work circumstances beyond your control?

I don't know if you have ever asked yourself these questions, but it is common to hold the work environment solely responsible for how we feel.

And of course there are very hard jobs, with extreme conditions, but there is always something we can do in our day to day, in our vision of work, that we can improve and therefore feel a little better.

That change in perspective will do nothing but promote a positive attitude that helps me cope with daily concerns.

It will help me to focus on what is really important and a priority for me, the salary if it is my need. My professional development if I am in a successful career or my working conditions because they allow me to reconcile with my family.

What is most important to me should be the engine that moves me every day. The motivation that makes me get out of bed with the best possible spirit.

Companies are realizing that it is increasingly relevant and has a greater impact on productivity, promoting a good work environment where the employee feels comfortable carrying out their activity.

Leisure, motivational and well-being initiatives are sought, everything that can contribute to achieving a better work environment and at the same time with higher performance.

In recent times a figure has appeared, Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) or Responsible for happiness , which is gradually being implemented in some companies in order to promote an environment as happy as possible to employees.

It is based on the premise that a happy worker is a more productive worker and there is a concern for carrying out activities that promote participation and personal well-being at work.

It is usually a person linked to human resources, with business and complementary training such as Coaching, leadership or motivation. With the ability to listen and communicate effectively.

The main idea of ​​this figure is to favor in the company those conditions that can create a better work environment, where the employee feels comfortable working and that this has a direct impact on developing a more efficient and higher-performance job.

Happiness at work is starting to be a very important aspect to take into account, but there is still a long way to go in this area.

This happiness has only just begun ...

"Blessed is he who likes the sweetness of work without being its slave."