Folding Beds, the Solution to the Lack of Space in Children's and Youth Rooms

Are your children's rooms too small? Is the furniture cluttered and there is no room for anything? If the answer to these questions is yes then you need an effective solution.

How to change the bed that occupies a large part of the room for a folding model, which is collected every night on the wall.

Today you have really interesting models at your fingertips, with an impeccable design; nothing to do with the bulky furniture of yesteryear that turned into small, uncomfortable beds.

The star of the youth quarters

The children's bedroom, and also the juvenile, is much more than a room where children and adolescents sleep every night. Rather, it is a room with an intense life because in it your children rest, play, study and do their homework, are with their friends, listen to music ...

It is their refuge, a place where you can feel completely at ease. Therefore, they need a certain space to develop all those activities that make up their day to day.

Pull-down beds are a great idea for small bedrooms. Picking up during the day frees up space for any other use that is needed.

An unequaled break

If you were born into a large family, then surely you have had to sleep on some occasion in one of the folding beds that existed decades ago. It was voluminous furniture that, once unfolded, revealed a bed of dubious comfort, with a thin, wrinkled mattress.

Put that image out of your mind, because 21st century folding beds are nothing alike, thankfully. Today's models will be folding, but once extended they offer a bed exactly the same as the normal ones, with a mattress of the same dimensions and even the same thickness (you can opt for furniture of different sizes, so that it closes without problems).

They are comfortable and totally appropriate for a restful rest. Therefore, if you have to put your child or your teenager in a folding bed, you can do it with the assurance that they will sleep on a mattress that will take care of their back and their correct physical development.

Vertically folding

When choosing a folding bed, one of the first things you will have to decide is whether you want it to be collected vertically or horizontally. The choice will depend, above all, on the distribution of the space in which the bed is to be placed.

The vertical folding beds achieve a great space when they are collected, so they are highly recommended for very small bedrooms. In addition, elements such as a folding desk or a shelf can be added to the front of the bed.

To seize the wall

One of the reasons for deciding on a horizontal folding bed, in addition to personal preferences, is due to the fact that it leaves more space in the upper part of the wall, so it is possible to make better use of the space to put a piece of furniture. , shelves, an extra closet, etc.

You will have more surface available to include storage solutions that are sure to be great.

At the same time that the space is used to the maximum during the day, the floor is clear and cleaning is easier and more comfortable.

Share room

Sometimes, the circumstances of each family come to complicate the situation a little more. Imagine a large family in which two brothers have to share a small room .

Today there are specific solutions for situations like this, such as folding bunk beds, a composition that comes to curl the loop in terms of use of space.

Thanks to them, it will not be necessary to place traditional bunk beds in the room that would occupy most of the available space. The folding ones allow you to have enough square meters to study and play during the day, and with two comfortable beds at night.

Like single beds, they can be folded up vertically or horizontally (depending on the shape of the room).

They have all the security elements to avoid any accident, from mechanisms with automatic locking, to stairs and barriers.

For multifunctional spaces

It is true that they are designed for small bedrooms, but they can also be conceived as a very practical way to have an extra bed at home. In other words, a guest room that, while it is not being used, fulfills another function.

It can be a workplace or study, a playroom or a living room. The idea is that the bed, hidden in the cabinet next to the wall, goes completely unnoticed.

To this contributes the great variety of designs from which to choose, and that advocate furniture with straight and serene lines, not overloaded.

In the blink of an eye

Choosing wisely the opening system for a folding bed is important, although currently most models have adequate mechanisms that do not offer problems when opening and closing the beds. However, there are different opening methods.

- Handbook. It was the most common in furniture from years ago, which consists of pulling the bed to open it and lower it.

- Semiautomatic. The mechanism is regulated by springs or by gas pistons that allow a smooth and comfortable opening. The bed is lowered and folded up effortlessly. These gas-operated mechanisms act as shock absorbers and prevent the bed from closing abruptly and impacting.

- Motorized system. The bed opens and closes by itself using an electronic mechanism that can be remotely controlled.

Regardless of the opening system you choose for your folding bed, you should know that they are all equipped with closing shock absorbers to avoid knocks when closing the bed in the morning.

Customize the layout

Most of the folding beds, once closed in the morning, become pieces of furniture with modern and minimalist lines. However, there is a wide range of options to customize the design and make it unique.

In this way you will have the practical bed you need without neglecting aesthetics. You can choose from a large number of materials, with various colors and finishes in various shades of wood, or even with your favorite photographs printed on the front. For children's rooms you can choose the front with a slate effect.

Safety first

If one of the reasons why you have not yet decided to install a folding bed in your child's bedroom is because you think they are not safe enough, give up that idea. The mechanisms that incorporate these furniture are amply prepared to avoid any type of accident.

The beds are perfectly anchored to the wall, have regulation systems for uneven floors, and a safety lock that prevents them from closing inadvertently. With all these elements, security is guaranteed.