30 Best Businesses From Home That You Can Start Without Money

Working in your home can be really fun. And today there are more options than ever to achieve this by creating your own business from home without investing hardly any money.

With an undertaking like this, you will not only be able to dedicate the time and effort that you want , but it will also give you the power to be your own boss and take control of your professional life.

In most of the home businesses that I share with you below, you will not need any initial investment : you will only have to put into practice your knowledge and your talent to start them.

For the rest of the companies, all you will have to do is buy some basic materials that will not cost you more than $ 100 in total.

But all of them are designed so that you make the most of the resources you already have in your home , and do not have to invest a large amount of money to start them.

Are you ready to start generating income without leaving your chair? Go for it!

30 home based businesses you can start today itself

1. Flower arranging business

For this company it is important to have good taste and a sense of decoration .

If you have these qualities, you can dedicate yourself to creating flower arrangements for different types of occasions: bridal bouquets, centerpieces, decorations for weddings, communions, parties, gifts on special dates ...

The only materials that you will have to acquire at the beginning to start it will be a few baskets , flowers , colored ribbons, and some decorative cards to accompany your creations.

You can use a small space in your house that you do not use, or a room, and sell your products in person or through the Internet on sites like Instagram, Facebook, or by creating your own online store.

It is also a good idea to go to the florists in your area , and talk to their owners to offer them your services and thus expand your business even more.

2. Private classes

Being a private teacher is a profession that is gaining strength: with increasingly long working hours, very few people have time to go to an academy, and they prefer to take classes from the comfort of their homes.

If there is a subject in which you are an expert, you can give private classes on the Internet with your computer, or go to the homes of your clients to teach them what you know.

Don't just think about the typical subjects you learn in school like math or English; You can also teach sewing, salsa, computing, makeup, cooking, or writing classes.

The options are endless, and that is why you should look for something (as weird as it may seem) that you are really good at to become the best teacher.

3. Design of web pages and blogs

This is perhaps one of the easiest and fastest home businesses to start. If you have a computer, and you know how to handle web design programs or HTML, you don't need anything else.

You can create templates or images for blogs, and sell them on your own website or on sites like ThemeForest; or also offer your services to create and maintain the web pages of clients such as companies or entrepreneurs.

Simple, right?

4. Personal trainer

Another good endeavor for which you don't need money (and which is becoming increasingly popular) is to become a personal trainer . Although remember that for this you will need to have a degree of some kind to exercise it.

As with private classes, you can offer your services over the Internet - giving classes via webcam - or go directly to your clients' homes to train them.

It is important that to promote this company you have your own Facebook page , an Instagram profile, and a blog or website to attract customers and that they can contact you to hire you.

5. Event photographer

Everyone likes to keep a beautiful memory of that special occasion that they spent with their loved ones. And that's why they hire photographers to capture those moments.

So if you take good photos, here is another profitable business for you.

The only investment you will have to make is to buy a good camera if you don't already have one; in this world, customer presence is everything!

Start by photographing some of your friends' parties to be able to make a portfolio (a catalog of images) in which to demonstrate your ability, and tell all your friends so they can find you contacts.

It is recommended that you specialize in a couple of specific celebrations : weddings, quinceanera parties, birthdays, galas, baby showers ...

If in your house you have a room that you do not use, you can also dedicate yourself to taking studio photos such as family images, or books for models, and thus increase your earnings.

6. Making greeting cards

There are still many people who send cards to congratulate special moments , or who like to create invitations for their friends to come to their parties.

And if you like to design these types of items, here is a good home business that you can start in your free time.

Create your cards with photo editing programs like Photoshop, and look for a good printer where they print them for a good price. Or make them by hand in a traditional way.

You can sell them in many ways: to stationery stores and gift shops , creating your online store, through a Facebook page and an Instagram profile ...

There are many occasions for which you can create these cards: Christmas , Valentine's Day, birthdays, weddings , to accompany flower arrangements, for gifts in general ...

7. Ecological garden at home

You don't have to have a large piece of land in the field to start a business selling delicious organic vegetables .

If you are lucky enough to have a terrace at home, or a small garden, you can have your own garden and plant vegetables according to the climate of your city in pots and then sell them to individuals or even through the Internet.

The urban gardens are a trend that is growing every day, and there is a large market of customers interested in them who want to buy fruits and vegetables that have grown without chemicals and pesticides.

If you want to know more about how to create an urban garden on the balcony of your house , read these recommendations.

8. Create your own blog

Would you like to share your knowledge and opinions on a specific topic with other people, and earn money from it? Here you have one of the most profitable home businesses.

Today we spend a lot of time on the Internet; and most of that time is spent reading information about something we like .

That is why blogs have gained so much strength in recent years; So if you want to share your hobbies with others while building a thriving startup,  creates your blog from now on.

9. Become a personal shopper

This is the ideal venture if your thing is shopping and advising other people . The first thing you should do is specialize in a specific type of shopping sector.

It is important that you have good knowledge about the products that are on the market , and the best stores where to go to buy them.

You can search for customers through your friends and their contacts, and by creating a blog in which you write about your purchases so that your readers are interested in you, and hire you.

10. Repair computers

Without leaving home, you can start this computer repair business without having a penny in your pocket. You will only need a space to work, your hands, and your computer skills.

You can repair the computers of people who need to fix their devices, or talk to business owners in your city so they will call you every time their systems stop working.

11. Translator from home

Translations is a market that is growing more and more , and all over the world there are millions of companies (and even individuals) that need people like you to translate the texts they need.

Here are many jobs you can do: from translating texts simply s as documents or small items, even entire books or websites and blogs.

Some of the best websites to search for a job as a translator are ProZ.com, TranslatorsCafe.com , or Upwork.com.

12. Sale of cosmetics

The world of beauty has endless possibilities to create profitable home businesses with little investment.

The options that you can start right now are to become a representative of a brand and sell online or door to door, create an online store with your own products or those of other companies, give advice on beauty treatments ...

The important thing here is that you have good knowledge of aesthetics and the products that exist today on the market in order to attract more customers thanks to your professionalism.

13. Small business consulting

If you have experience running businesses (even if they have not been yours) and you know how to manage them so that they are successful, become a small and medium-sized business consultant.

Many entrepreneurs need someone like you to advise them on what they could improve in their business, and they are willing to pay good rates for these services.

You can give your consultancies through a web camera on the Internet (create an online page to advertise your services in this case), or do it in your own home by turning a room into your personal office.

14. Nursery at home

This is the best business from home that you can start if you have small children in your home, since it will give you the possibility of creating an enterprise while spending time with them .

What you will need here is to accommodate your house so that the children are comfortable and not in danger. Also buy some more toys so they can have fun and feel happy at home.

Start by taking care of the children of your neighbors or your friends so that your business will expand little by little.

15. Yoga classes

Yoga is a physical exercise that has become very fashionable in the last 5 years; but most people do not have time to go to a center to teach, or there is nowhere near their homes to practice it.

And this is where you come in: if you are a yoga teacher, or have advanced knowledge of this millenary exercise, you can create a real business by giving private classes .

You can do it online if you have a webcam, at home if you have a spacious room to teach, or go to your clients' homes by charging them a little extra for the trip.

If you are passionate about this world and want to dedicate yourself completely to it, a good idea is that when you get more students and generate good income, open your own yoga center in a local.

16. Organization of events

Every time your friends are going to throw a party, is it you they call because nobody knows how to organize the celebrations better than you? Become an event planner!

It is a fun business that will bring you good income, and you will not have to spend anything to start it: you just have to have a good website where you can advertise your services, and that's it.

Organize the party of one of your friends so that their contacts see how good a professional you are, and the rest of the clients will come to you without you almost noticing.

17. Manufacture of handmade candles

Although we live in an increasingly advanced world, there are also a large part of people who love the traditional . And that is why products such as handmade candles are such a great seller.

To create them you will have to buy some basic materials such as beeswax, wicks, molds, colorants, and natural scents.

On YouTube you can find many videos to learn how to make them step by step, and you can sell them both on Facebook, in your own online store, or in craft markets in your city.

18. Printing custom t-shirts

For this undertaking, the basic materials that you will need will be t-shirts of different colors with good quality (cotton is excellent for this), and a small team to stamp photos or designs on the garments.

There are small printers that only work for this job, but they have a somewhat high cost (about $ 300 approximately).

However, there are also specific papers that you can buy in specialized stores that will do the same function , and that are much cheaper (about 20 sheets usually cost $ 25).

They work like this: in your normal ink printer, load this special paper, and print the image you want to print.

Once this is done, you will only have to place that paper with the image on top of the shirt, run your clothes iron over it , and the drawing will be transferred to the shirt, being stamped.

It is a much cheaper solution than buying a special printer to stamp, and with this you can start your business without spending too much money.

The ideal is to start this business on the Internet through a Facebook page or by creating your own online store, and when you are successful, open your own T-shirt store.

19. Create your own online store

As you have seen in other home-based businesses, the easiest way to start a business if you sell physical products is with an online store.

In it you can sell any type of item that you can think of, and you will have at your disposal thousands of clients from all over the world.

To make your virtual store, I recommend the Wix Stores platform .

You will be able to create your online store in a few minutes just by clicking with your mouse to add the elements you want, and you will be able to give it a professional appearance thanks to its more than 400 templates.

If you want to know how to do it step by step, see this tutorial: How to create an online store to sell online.

20. Open a Bed & Breakfast

Do you have a room (or several) with its own bathroom and is it private from the rest of the house?

Then you can start a bed & breakfast business where you give accommodation to people who want to stay for a few days, and where you include breakfast in the final price.

For example, you can start renting that room two days a week (Saturday and Sunday), and then rent it for more days in the following weeks if you are successful.

When you make good profits later, you can even buy or rent a whole house and rent all the rooms as if it were a hotel.

21. Make gift baskets

From corporate events to baby showers, occasions like Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, or birthdays, gift baskets can be crafted to suit anyone's taste.

The materials that you will need to buy to start this project will be products for those occasions, baskets, decorative cans, or decorated boxes to give as gifts.

Attractive packaging is essential in this business. You cannot put the items in any way and expect them to sell well.

You can start this type of business at home by creating an online store and listing the different baskets you sell in it.

22. Sewing business

Another business from home that also has different possibilities if you are good at sewing.

You can do from simple arrangements in the garments of your clients, to create your own clothing brand if you also know how to design and make.

What works best here to promote yourself and attract customers is to use your contacts ; So start offering your services to your neighbors and friends, and have them tell people they know about your business.

23. Pastry at home

Who doesn't like desserts? Cakes, cookies, muffins, cupcakes ... If you have good hands to bake delicious desserts, start your own pastry shop at home.

You can sell a good variety of sweet foods, but it is recommended that you specialize in a specific type of dessert.

You can sell these delicious snacks at parties, have your customers come to pick them up at your home, or sell them through your own online store and bakeries where they do not make such sweets.

Once you generate a good income, you can even rent your own premises on a commercial street and put your business there.

24. Sell your crafts

Do you love doing all kinds of crafts at home, such as picture frames , dolls, or jewelry ? You can get a lot out of this by starting your own craft business.

If you don't want to leave your home, the ideal is to open a Facebook page or an Instagram account where you upload photos of your crafts for your followers to contact you and place orders.

Once your sales start to rise, it is also good that you open an online store to further professionalize this endeavor.

And if you don't mind leaving home, sell your creations at craft fairs , street markets, or even in stores dedicated to this with which you can collaborate.

25. Create your own magazine

This is a great alternative to blogging that you can also successfully monetize.

Choose a specific topic that you want to write about, and then start creating different articles on that with beautiful photos.

You can edit the magazine online on platforms such as 123mag (free if it is digital) or Joomag (free for up to 100 subscribers), and monetize it by including ads for which they pay you, or by charging a fixed price to buyers who want to read it.

For this you can also create a Facebook page where you can promote yourself, but you will be more successful if you create a website totally dedicated to selling your magazine on it.

26. Sell courses online

Do your friends and family always praise you for something you know how to do very well? Then teach others that special skill you have by creating your own online course.

There are many online courses that you can create depending on your skills: learn to cook, play an instrument, speak English , teach makeup, use a computer program ...

This type of course can be offered in different formats, such as video , audio only , or written in a PDF file, and sold on web pages such as Tutellus, Udemy, or on your own blog.

I know what you're thinking: that this business is a lot like being a private teacher . And you are right.

But the big difference is that here you will work a little at the beginning creating the courses, and then you will only have to upload them to the Internet and you will be able to sell it over and over again to automatically make a profit without making effort.

27. Manage company social networks

Social networks are increasingly important for large companies, small businesses, or people with a blog because they are valuable tools to promote yourself and attract new customers or readers.

And that is why many of these companies or bloggers need people who know how to handle them to help them publish different content that attracts traffic to their websites.

So if you know how to handle Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat like an expert, this is a good way to start a business from home by becoming a community manager.

28. Massage therapist and physiotherapist

One of the great consequences of stress is that the nerves of the day to day grip our muscles, and prevent us from doing our normal life.

That is why there are many people who are looking for masseurs or physiotherapists who can take away these tensions to feel good again.

For this type of home business, it is mandatory that you have a degree that certifies you as a professional in this sector, since the physical health of the clients you serve is at stake here.

And if that is your case, and you have a stretcher at home (or you can afford to buy one), you can receive your clients in your own home to give them massages, or go to their homes to provide this service.

29. Childbirth preparation courses

Although in most countries the national health offers free childbirth preparation courses, these are usually not good or there are simply no places for all pregnant mothers in the area.

So if you have taken a course on this (or have experience working with pregnant women) you can start a business of preparation courses for childbirth and raising babies.

If you are going to offer them at home, be sure to do it in a spacious and comfortable room so that the mothers who come feel comfortable.

You can also give these courses directly over the Internet through a webcam, or go to your clients' homes as if it were a home service.

30. Travel agency

One of the most profitable home businesses is creating an online travel agency where you offer your visitors stays and flights at good prices.

You can create a web page in which you put the travel packages you have with their prices, or create a comparator of offers so that your clients choose the one they like the most.

If you decide to choose this last option, remember that you will need a computer programmer to make the comparator software that you will include on your site.

You see that there are many home based businesses that you can start with hardly any money, and that will bring you good benefits in addition to giving you the professional independence you are looking for.

What business would you choose to start from your home? Share it with me by leaving me a comment below.