10 Things to Do if You Hate Your Job but Can't Quit

Very few of the lucky ones have figured out how to get paid for something they love, and that they can call it "employment.

But most people (unfortunately) hate their jobs .

They feel trapped in a jail they have to return to every morning and cannot escape.

The bills for the house, the food, the doctors, or the schools of the children do not pay themselves; And so we sacrifice our happiness and give a piece of our souls to these horrible jobs in exchange for the money we need to survive.

But worst of all, as the job market is today, it is too risky to leave a job without already having another to provide us with the salary we need.

If it costs you more every day to get up to go to work, here are 10 tips that will help you better cope with the day to day in your work environment, whether you cannot leave it or if you have decided to look for another job that makes you happier.

10 tips that will help you better cope with your work

1. Does your job make you unhappy? Or are you the one who is not happy?

I know that everyone has their own life, their own problems and their own circumstances.

But if you've gotten to the point where every morning when you wake up you think about how much you hate your job, it's good that your first step is to analyze yourself .

Sometimes, when we go through a difficult time, even the good things in our life we see from a more negative point of view . And maybe if you have had a bad time it has also influenced your work.

How can you tell if it's really just a losing streak or if your job doesn't really motivate you anymore ?

If some days are good (even if they are not the majority) and you enjoy your work tasks, you may only temporarily have a bad time .

Maybe what you really don't like is your boss, your coworkers, or maybe you don't feel valued or you think you work too much for the little they pay you.

But what you do in your position you like, and that is why the best decision would be to change to another company where you can continue doing the same work you have done so far.

However, if it becomes increasingly difficult for you to wake up in the morning, and you no longer enjoy the activities you do at your job, it is a clear sign that you have to change not only your job , but also your professional career.

2. Complain, vent or cry if you want

You can do any of those three things if you want - or all at once - but don't do it in the office.

Taking out all the garbage that your job generates inside of you is a great way to free yourself from that negativity and better endure each day at work.

Do it with those trusted people who are willing to listen and support you: your family, your partner, your friends, even with those colleagues who are also fed up with that hateful job.

If there's no one you can complain to about how much you hate your job (others have problems of their own, too, and sometimes won't be able to help you), try venting anonymously online.

There are many online forums in which you can register without giving your real name and saying everything you think about your boss, your salary, or any other problem you have.

This way you will feel much better and take a load off your shoulders , and if you are looking for a new place to work, you can ask others for their opinion or advice on the best way to get another job.

3. Remember this is not forever

It's easy to think that there is no solution to your problem, or that your situation will never change. But it is not true.

A normal worker no longer has a single job throughout his life. You have more than 5 different jobs until you retire!

According to an economic study carried out in recent years, the trend now is to work in at least 5 different places throughout our lives.

Changing jobs every few years has become common practice. So surely this job you have now is not the last.

That is why you should not be discouraged and believe that you are going to stay in the same place forever.

If you are not happy in your position, do something NOW to change your situation and improve it. Start looking for other jobs where you think you will be happier and more productive.

Look at offers, apply to them, and if they hire you, say goodbye to your current job.

In life, success in any aspect is only achieved by taking some risk, trying and trying until you find what you are looking for.

4. Make time for yourself

This is great advice whether you hate your job or not. It is very easy to fall into the painful routine of waking up, going to work, coming home , thinking about how miserable your life is, sleeping, and starting all over again.

That is why you should choose an activity that you like and that motivates you to introduce it into your daily life, and that makes you enjoy the moments you spend outside of the office.

It can be anything that makes you happy: reading a magazine, doing sports, teaching dance, watching a series that makes you laugh, taking a walk in a beautiful park ...

That way the days will not be so heavy , and this activity will make you forget the hours you have spent at work.

5. Put some fun in your work

In all (or most) jobs, you are not always working. There are breaks you can take to rest, have a drink, or eat.

That is why in your work hours you should try to give yourself a break so that your mind clears and your body relaxes.

Listen to some music that you like if they allow it, or instead of eating inside the office, go out with your colleagues and do it outside to use that time to disconnect from the work environment.

The trick is to find something that you like and can have fun with for a few minutes each day.

6. Humor is the best medicine!

The saying "laughter is the best remedy for any evil" is not just a phrase that is said to encourage others.

It is scientifically proven that humor can help us a lot to see the worst situations from another perspective , and to handle them in a positive way.

So try to have more laughter and fewer tears in your life .

How can you get it? Watching, for example, television programs or series that make you laugh so much that you fall off the sofa, or remembering old anecdotes with friends of funny situations that have happened to you.

Maintaining your sense of humor is what will help you to be optimistic when you have to face the problems of your work, life, or any other situation.

7. Focus on your life outside of the office

If you spend 8 hours at your job and 8 hours sleeping, you have another 8 hours left with which you can do whatever you want.

Are you going to let a terrible day at work control the rest of the time you spend away from it? If you do, all you will get is missing moments that you could have joyfully enjoyed.

Don't let the company you work for steal your time and your will to live when you walk out the door at the end of your workday.

Take your free time to enjoy it however you want without thinking about what you have to do tomorrow or what you have had to endure today in your position.

If you feel like going to the movies or staying home reading a good book, go for it. If you are tired of working in a job that you hate, look for vacancies elsewhere and apply for a job interview.

Remember that what happens at work stays at work.

If when you return home all you do is think about how bad your boss is, how little money you make, that you are not happy there, soon that will start to eat you inside , you will live constantly depressed, and surely it will also affect those around you.

It is more beneficial for you and for those of you who want to put your work problems aside, make the most of the time you can share with them, and enjoy life.

Also think that thanks to that job you are earning money that allows you to eat and have a roof to sleep under.

And if you feel that it does not make you happy or that you cannot make ends meet, what are you still doing standing there? Move your ass and look for something better NOW.

Opportunities are not going to come to your door alone: ​​you have to be the one who goes for them, or else you will spend your whole life feeling miserable 24 hours a day.

8. Don't be lazy!

Hating your job doesn't mean becoming lazy and spending hours staring at the clock until it's time to get out.

That will only make things worse and cause your mind to quickly start creating negative thoughts that will depress you and make you feel much worse.

Also, if you have decided to look for another better job for you, your bosses will notice that you have a bad attitude and that can greatly influence the next job you want to access.

Imagine that in your current position you do not do your tasks well, or you are always behind with them, you are late, you do not pay attention to what your superiors tell you ...

When you get home, you send your resume to some companies you would love to work for, and one day they call you for a job interview .

You go to that interview, everything works out, but then they call your current boss to have references about you. What do you think he or she will say to the interviewer?

They will tell you that lately you are not looking good, that you have started to slacken in your work, etc. And obviously no one will want to hire you that way.

Do you see now what I mean? Try to be the best employee you can even if your job makes you unhappy, because a mistake like this can be very expensive in the future ...

9. Surround yourself with people who do not belong to your job

Having friends who work with you and hanging out with them from time to time is fine. But you should avoid by all means always being in contact with them.

I'm not saying that you distance yourself from those people, but that you should also socialize outside of the work environment with people who are totally strangers to your job.

If you don't, in the end you will end up feeling like you are constantly living at work , because you will always be surrounded by the same people you see in your office at all hours.

10. Do you hate your job? Start looking for a better one

As I told you before, if you really hate your job so much that you can't continue in it anymore, you have to take action now to change your situation as soon as possible.

With this I am not saying to say goodbye like crazy and wait to see what happens. The economic situation today is very bad, and that may be too risky a move.

But what you can do is start looking for other jobs and apply to get a job interview in the meantime.

Write a list of objectives with tasks such as looking for at least 4 job offers each week, sending your resume to 15 companies each month, etc.

This new job search will make you regain your illusion , and you will feel excited again because it will be a new stage in your life in which you will finally be doing something that motivates you.

Don't let fear paralyze you. The risk that you are going to take is very small because you will not leave your current job until you are hired in another.

So for the moment you will continue to have a secure salary every month to pay all your expenses.

The only thing you have to think about is that a better future awaits you, and that you just have to hold out a little longer in the place where you are now until soon you get a position in which you are more comfortable.

Have confidence in yourself and think that EVERYTHING has a solution. Do not be overwhelmed, go ahead with a smile, and you will see that by applying the above tips your life will improve. Are you ready to quit the job you hate so much?