7 Tips to Free Your Home From Negative Energies and Strange Presences

Heaviness in the environments, household appliances that break, strange noises... We give you the best tricks and rituals of protection of environments of modern witches to clean the negative charges of the environments.

Not only witches did it, but also our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Although people who specialize in energy cleaning are often called, it is good to know that we can do it with simple elements.

What was formerly transmitted orally or written in secret notebooks is increasingly available to everyone. Fine-tuning perception to perceive the dimension of energy is very valuable and practical in certain situations.

When to clean?

* If whenever you get home you feel deep tiredness.

* If you work in an office or there are people circulating around the house continuously .

* When the sleep does not repair well or there are continuous nightmares (especially about certain environments of the house).

* If noises are heard, shadows are seen or the animals in the house are disturbed for no apparent reason.

* If electronic devices break, especially if you go into a "streak" where domestic problems are unstoppable.

"Witchcraft" cleaning techniques

1. Wipe the floor with water and vinegar

Vinegar was a remedy always used to sweep away negative energy charges . The cleaning movement will be carried out from right to left, starting with the last rooms of the house and ending at the door. We must pay special attention to the corners, especially the dark ones and spaces that tend to remain closed, since that is where most of the dense energies are concentrated.

2. Smoke the house

Smoke cleanings are the most important and complete. They complement very well with vinegar cleaning.

Items needed: classic clay, ceramic, silver or bronze incense burner; small coals; herbs to use. In the santerĂ­as they usually sell mixtures of herbs suitable for cleaning the house. The so-called "mixes of the 7 powers" are usually good because they concentrate several at the same time. The classic ones to clean are frankincense and myrrh . You can also add: juniper, rosemary, parsley, mugwort, rue, etc.

It is advisable to do it on a sunny day in the morning, during the phase of the waning moon (recommended for physical, mental and home cleansing).

Smoke: Light the coals inside the incense burner (they will change color) and then add the mixture of herbs little by little as it is consumed. Keep out of eyes because it will immediately give off strong white smoke. Go to the last room of the house, the one that is furthest from the door and begin to pass the smoke through each of the corners, especially the corners, closets and if possible, drawers that have been previously opened. Continue through each room and hallway, always from the inside to the outside and from right to left.

Attention! If the smoke changes color or direction suddenly, it is because the place is especially charged. Stay longer there. In very extreme cases, cleaning can cause nausea in the person who is doing it, it is important to protect yourself before with a prayer or a “bell jar” technique and invoke the help of guides or protective figures.

Keep doors and windows open during the entire cleaning time and especially afterwards. The last thing to be cleaned is the edges of the door and the energy is purposely pulled out.

3. Holy water in the corners

Accompany cleanings 1 and 2. Before or after smoking, it is recommended to sprinkle the baseboards and corners with holy water to remove stagnant energies.

4. Add salt where strange presences are suspected

Salt has always been attributed cleaning properties. It is used in magic circles, in invocations and traditional rites. It is blessed on a plate and handfuls are thrown in the special place where the presence of strange and unwanted entities is suspected, urging them to leave the place. Do this during the day and with the windows open.

5. Hang charms on doors and windows

In windows you can hang angel callers, they are protectors. For the doors, special amulets are usually sold in esoteric houses, some in the shape of five-pointed stars, others with the symbol of OM or yin and yang. In ancient cultures, hanging horseshoes were used for protection.

6. Protective plants

Although there are many recommended plants to protect the house, we are going to go to the most classic: rue. It has infinite uses in healing, ritual and purification practices. It is recommended to have two rudas, a male and a female at the entrance of the home. The male rue should be on the left of the door and the female on the right. They will filter out negative energies from outside.

7. Move objects around and keep airy and light

It is what is always recommended to maintain a house with pure vibrations. Where there is accumulation of objects, fixed furniture for many years, dust and darkness, energy problems are more likely to occur.