Tips to Open Your Own Mechanical Workshop and Achieve Success

If you have a passion for motors and cars, then it's time to open your own auto mechanic shop and make your dream come true, but there are a few details you need to keep in mind to get it right.

There is nothing better than dedicating yourself to that passion that you have and turning it into your profession, so that you work doing what you like the most in the world. And if you have decided to open your mechanic workshop and manage your business , it is important to review some details to avoid problems, starting with setting out the idea of ​​your workshop well.

Each one of the steps in the process of creating your business must be well defined and you should calmly study the entire situation so as not to make mistakes, definitely studying where you would locate it, which are your biggest competitors and if you want to specialize in any field or a general workshop.

Being protected is also important, so Cyber ​​Risk Insurance is one of your best options available to protect your business.

Procedures are the most annoying part of the whole process of creating a business, a real administrative maze that we all want to avoid but that are necessary. In any case, it is important not to despair and to move forward calmly. The papers can vary depending on your locality , but in general, the documents that a company of this type should have are:

Declaration prior to the start of operations
  • Activity license
  • Work license
  • Census statement
  • Economic activities tax
  • Registration as a company to Social Security
  • Formalization of contracts
  • Affiliation of workers to Social Security
  • Workshop opening communication
  • Formalization of guestbook

The first step to open your workshop: a mechanic

You may want to take over the administrative and contract aspect of professional mechanics, but it is important to consider the professional training necessary to master the repair of engines and the installation of electrical systems.

Having the best workers available, you will dominate the market. For example, to fix  second-hand cars you need someone who has a broad knowledge of the variety of engines and accessories, so you need an experienced mechanic. If you were a customer, would you put your car in the hands of someone inexperienced or who makes many mistakes?

It is also very important to have good suppliers and make value agreements , since a flow of supplies is necessary that makes work possible in an auto mechanic shop. For example, if you have to fix a very old car, you can go to a  scrap yard to make a deal and get parts at very affordable prices.

Your workshop will need from implements to work (auto parts and tools), lubricants, cleaners, oils, etc., and all these tools and accessories mean a lot of expenses, the worst enemy of a business that is starting.

The infrastructure of your automotive size is very important

We can say that the premises are the chassis of a workshop: as part of the investments that have to be made, the most expensive (but necessary) will be to adapt it with the most advanced and professional equipment.

The 2 - post lifts are usually one of the best options because they are cheaper and allow the mechanic can work comfortably taking great maneuverability. In case you do not want an elevator you can use the classic photo, the minimum installation to make the most important repairs to customers' cars.

Parking in your workshop is very important; preferably it must be covered and be part of the premises, in addition to needing a minimum space for 4 cars. The importance of its size is simple: the more cars you can hold in your workshop, the greater the income you will receive at the end of the day.