Tricks to Brighten Dark Houses Without Sun

We all know that the rate of sunlight in our homes affects our health and psychology. If we have a dark house, it is not hard to make our house brighter with little touches.

According to the researches, the sun rays entering the house and the vitamin D it provides makes the person feel more alive, alive and happier. People can be more stressful and moody in dark environments. If you think that there is not enough light entering your home, which is your most important living space, here are some tips for making your home brighter:

Discover the Dark Places of Your Home

Explore at home. First, discover whether you need extra light in the whole house or in some rooms. In the dark parts, try to understand the cause of the problem. "Is the dark and wooden floor used in the small room absorbing light?" or "Are the windows too small?" Try to find out why the darkness is caused by asking questions like.


The most important point to be considered in lighting, which is one of the most important criteria, is the accessories that will help ceiling lighting. You can make the place brighter by using light-colored wall or ceiling sconces. Also, if you are using a floor lamp, you should be careful to be able to illuminate larger areas.

Use the Power of Colors on Your Walls

It is necessary to avoid cold colors on the walls of dark rooms and use them in light tones by balancing warm, pale tints. Neutral colors such as white, light beige and gray are painting suggestions that will increase the light in your room. Also, if you want to use wallpaper, you can choose plain models that are not very mixed in the same tones.

Avoid Large and Dark Furniture

Large and dark furniture makes your room smaller and darker than natural rooms. Light colored furniture, on the other hand, reflects the light and provides you with a more spacious and bright room. Do not neglect this detail in your furniture selections. If you have dark furniture and do not want to change them anytime soon, you can choose the pillows and cushions on them in lighter colors. Instead of dark colors, you can choose the bedding sets you use in your bed in colors that reflect more light.

Get Help from Glass and Mirrors

One of the lighting suggestions for the dark house is to prefer reflective objects in your home. Mirrors and glasses are the best examples. The large mirrors or all-glass windows you use in your home will make your home more spacious and lighted than it is.

You can get more light into your dark rooms with the glass door models you prefer in accordance with the style of your house and budget, such as through glass, overhead glass.

Make Your Home Mass

Excess items in the room prevent the reflection of light. So a messy house looks darker and smaller. To create a room that is simpler and lighter, remove excess items from your room.