For All Rooms of Your House: Suggestions for Small House Decoration

Decorating your home correctly may be more important than you think. Because, contrary to the general view, decoration means much more than creating an elegant space. For example, thanks to the right decoration applications, you can show your home much more than you do and create areas that can relax you psychologically.

If you say, "My home is very small, I need a little more spacious space." If you think you can realize the ideas we will suggest now. So let's not let you wait any longer and say, "How can I decorate the little house ?" Let's give the answer to the question in line with the areas of your home.

Suggestions You Can Consider in All Areas

Of course, the applications you need to do to make your home look bigger than they can vary depending on the area. But no matter which room of your house we talk about, you can follow the suggestions below:
  • You can prefer light and pastel colors in small house decoration. You can create a remarkable area by combining light shades such as white, light gray, ecru, beige, egg shell with dark tones such as mint green, petroleum green or blue for use in details.
  • You can make the area look more organized and bigger thanks to the products such as door hanger, cabinet storage solutions.
  • You can use thin curtains to make maximum use of daylight.
  • You can get help from the glass walls in a stylish way to separate different points such as the living and dining area in the same room.
  • If there is a possibility, you can construct the interior and exterior of the house as if you are continuing. For example, you can create the perception that the balcony is included in the living room by sliding your balcony door and pulling the curtains aside.
  • Giving the items you do not use to those in need or selling them with the help of online applications helps to refresh the area.

How to Decorate a Small Hall?

In most of the time you spend at your home, you are in the living room and living room, and at the same time you host your guests in this area. For this reason, we know that you pay extra attention to the decoration of the living room or living room. So, how is it possible to make the small house useful and wider in the hall?
  • The first thing you will notice when you browse the small home decoration living room samples will be the use of light color. Because light colors are superheroes in making the house look bigger than it is! While you are decorating the walls, you should prefer light colors in your furniture choices. In the meantime, let's also mention that flooring can make the living room wider as well as contributing to the visual. Parquet colors such as beige or cream color can contribute to making the area look bigger.
  • Positioning your furniture, such as your sofa set against the wall, will make your home look larger as it will increase your usage area. In addition, corner sofa models are products that you can get help to increase the usage area.
  • " How to make small house decoration ?" One of the most important points of the question is not to include the room you do not need in your room. In the meantime, it is very important that the furniture you choose is in minimal forms.
  • If you need storage spaces, you can choose both coffee table and products with storage space. So multipurpose furniture, useful furniture for the small house. 
  • Glass products can make small rooms look larger because they do not create a feeling of separation in the space. For example, you can buy glass furniture such as tables and coffee tables.
  • It is among the decoration suggestions for small houses to give importance to lighting and to illuminate the area so that there is no dark place . In addition, you can choose products such as floor lamps, stalactites, etc. that can take up space.
  • Of course, wall decoration in the living room and living room is very important. However, choosing dark paint colors in wall decoration or applying complex colored wallpapers on all walls can make the area boring and narrow. For this reason, if you should prefer light colors and apply wallpaper, you can do this on a wall. Also, using mirrors on the walls is among the small home decoration tricks.

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom?

A good sleep is essential for you to feel fit and to have a good day. But did you know that quality sleep can also be related to decoration? Now, let's begin to explain how to make small bedroom decorations.
  • Positioning the item you don't need in the bedroom can make the area look messy and smaller. For this reason, you can take the first step to decorate the small house in the particular bedroom in question by not placing the excess items in your room.
  • Fitted wardrobes are the biggest helpers for small bedrooms! If you can, you can make the small bedroom fitted with a built-in wardrobe and increase the usage area in your room.
  • We mentioned that the colors that make the small house spacious are light colors. Therefore, you can prefer light shades in furniture selection and curtain selection. You can also use your vote on the bedroom walls in light blue and light green, which have a relaxing effect. We should not forget the effect of textile products on decoration! Light-colored bedding sets can make the area more spacious.
  • You can increase your storage space by choosing bases instead of bedsteads. So a smaller wardrobe can do your job or you don't need a dresser. Also, let us remind you that you can save space by getting help from vacuumed sachets when storing your clothes or products that are not seasonal to the plinth and wardrobe.
  • By choosing your wardrobe with mirrors, you can both eliminate your need for an external full length mirror and benefit from the mirror's ability to show wide area.
  • If you do not have a place to put a bedside table, then you have no place to put a lampshade. You can choose the appliques or the stalactites that will hang from both sides of your bed and offer a trendy image as a lighting product.

How to Decorate a Small Kitchen?

If you complain about the smallness of your kitchen where you make delicious meals and spend a certain part of your time, you are at the right place! Because now," How to make the kitchenette useful ?" We will answer the question.
  • If your kitchen does not have a light colored decoration, you should first make your kitchen more spacious with light colors by making small touches in this area. Renovating your kitchen cabinets and countertops with hobby paints or adhesive foils can help you with this.
  • Kitchen is one of the areas where you need storage space the most. Kitchen shelves can both save space and meet your storage needs significantly.
  • Shelves that can be positioned on the wall and in the cupboard are among the kitchen accessories that offer stylish and practical storage !
  • Kitchen tables complement the kitchen decoration and allow you to spend time in your kitchen. Don't worry; folding tables and chairs are here for you!
  • You can choose models with minimal lines as lighting products, and you can stick LED strips under your kitchen cabinet to illuminate the countertop.

How to Decorate a Small Bathroom?

The decoration of your bathroom is important for you, as we know in every area of your home. So now let's start sharing small bathroom decorating ideas.
  • If the ceramics you prefer in the bathroom are complex patterned and dark colored, the area may appear narrow. Therefore, you can choose plain and light colored ceramics. If you do not plan to change ceramics, then you can paint your tiles.
  • If your bathroom will be light in general, you can create a balanced look in the area thanks to the dark set bathroom accessories and bath mats.
  • Wall-mounted toilets and sinks can create the perception that the area is larger because they do not connect with the floor.
  • Transparent glass shower cabinets create the perception that the space is not split. So if you want to make your bathroom look big, you should stay away from colored or patterned glass shower cabins.
  • Bathroom cabinets, consisting of lower and upper modules, can offer you the storage space you need. If you need additional storage space, you can also install a shelf in your bathroom. Also, let's underline that bathroom cabinets with dirty baskets eliminate the need for an additional dirty basket in the area, as they both save space and contribute to a stylish look.

How to Decorate a Small Balcony and Garden?

You should not forget the balcony and garden, which are the pleasure areas of your living area! Well, if your garden or balcony is small, what can you do while decorating these areas?
  • In the selection of balcony and garden furniture, you can also choose products that you can fix on the balcony railings.
  • In order not to divide the perception of the integrity of the floor on the balcony, you can choose one color and rugs that cover the whole floor.
  • Plants are indispensable for both the balcony and the garden! To place the pots, you can mount the pallet on the wall and position your hanging pots here. In addition, flower pots that can be hung on balcony iron bars are very successful in saving space.
  • You can provide the illumination of the area with lanterns and torches, which have different designs. However, we also recommend you to evaluate solar lighting products with nice designs.
"How are small houses laid ?" We gave the question in accordance with the main areas of the house. Everything you need is waiting for you in Koçtaş to make the small house useful and bring your dream home decoration to life!