Spring Cleaning: Where to Start and How to Get Organized

Make spring cleaning takes commitment but also a good organization. In fact, only by planning each operation in various stages is it possible to carry out everything at best and quickly, but it is essential to take advantage of this opportunity to deepen the cleaning in some points of the house. Here's how to organize spring cleaning.

How to do spring cleaning

It is time for spring cleaning in the house and it is urgent to establish a plan to be ready to face the season with clean environments. The question that arises spontaneously in these cases is the following: for spring cleaning where to start?

The best solution to carry out the work smoothly is to proceed by rooms and once finished from top to bottom move on to the next room. The advice to avoid confusion is to always start from the least frequented rooms of the house, such as the bedroom, and leave the kitchen and bathrooms last.

If special interventions have to be carried out such as removing the cobwebs or passing anti-mold products, these must be carried out before starting to clean the room.

Spring cleaning how to get organized

Organizing spring cleaning following the advice given above is simple, but before moving on to cleaning the rooms it is advisable to clean the doors and shutters of the windows, windows and mosquito nets. To carry out an effective cleaning, here is how to proceed:

  • Remove the dust from the windows with a damp cloth and pass a duvet or an electrostatic cloth over the shutter slats
  • Wash the surfaces with a sponge soaked in warm water and neutral detergent and rinse with a damp cloth
  • If doors and shutters are made of wood, use a suitable professional cleaner
  • To clean the glass, first pass a microfibre cloth soaked in warm water and neutral detergent, then rinse and dry with a dry cloth, proceeding from top to bottom.
  • To keep them clean and shiny for a long time, pass a professional water-repellent spray and always dry with a soft microfibre cloth
  • Clean the mosquito nets carefully, dusting the guides with a duvet
  • Pass a brush with soft bristles on the net, then spray a professional degreaser and sprinkle the solution with a brush. Leave on for a few minutes and always rinse with a brush but clean with water

How to do spring cleaning quickly

Do you have little time and want to do quick spring cleaning ? After cleaning the shutters and windows, and also making the windows and mosquito nets shiny, here's how to deal with spring cleaning to do everything very quickly.

Instead of using the broom to sweep the floors, use the vacuum cleaner and so quickly remove all dust and residues of all kinds from the ground. In addition to professional vacuum cleaners, the equipment also includes polishers, washer dryers and other modern machinery that allow you to carry out any operation quickly and effortlessly.

These equipment are also the ideal solution for very large environments that require a lot of time and guarantee perfect results using less than half the time required.

To quickly clean sanitary ware and bathroom and kitchen taps, use a descaling detergent, excellent for keeping them intact for longer and for giving the rooms a pleasant feeling of order and cleanliness.

To quickly perform spring cleaning, clean curtains, carpets, cushions, chandeliers and everything that requires time and effort using professional equipment and products, specifically designed to guarantee maximum cleaning in a short time.

The choice of machinery is very wide and manages to meet any need, but it is also a valid solution to guarantee healthier and cleaner environments for a long time.

Even in the choice of professional products, the choice is vast and you can really find everything to perform house cleaning quickly even on the arrival of spring.

For example, if you have parquet at home you can use a suitable detergent to degrease it and keep the surface unaltered. After applying the product you can rinse with water and the parquet will return clean and shiny.

If, on the other hand, you have carpet in the house, you can use specific products to sanitize and clean it thoroughly, eliminating the bacteria and germs that lurk between the fibers. Or you can choose professional products for any other type of floor, whether it is in stoneware, marble, terracotta or other.

As we have seen, with a good organization and the use of machinery and professional products it is possible to perform spring cleaning without stress and quickly. A good advice is always to divide the various phases starting from the outside and then continuing inside to complete the cleaning operations. In this way you can cope with each operation with great satisfaction of the results obtained and your home will be ready to welcome guests!