Lithium Treatment for a Shiny Concrete Floor

Lithium treatments are increasingly known and used by polishers. They are capable of achieving a shiny floor that comes as a surprise, obtaining a professional finish. We found several types of lithium treatments with different tasks.

Nano Lithium treatment

This treatment creates internal protection for industrial flooring. With the Nano Lithium treatment, we can create an extremely hard inner layer on any concrete floor. This high density inner layer will protect the running layer. As main characteristics that breaks any myth about this treatment, we find that it is resistant to the effects of abrasion. It is also breathable by capillary action.

The Nano Lithium treatment is perfect for any industrial project, where there are concrete pavements and the like. In this type of activity, abrasions, chemical components and corrosion are usually very present. Preventing your installations with Nano Lithium will help you in the future so that the maintenance of the pavement is easier and less expensive thanks to that inner layer that gives us an extra hardness that the concrete will appreciate.

Lithium sealant, densifier and hardener

Ideal for reinforcing the top layer in industrial flooring. The reinforcement is created due to the fact that these polishing products provide an internal barrier that provides a stronger finish in the last layer of concrete. This finish has as its main characteristics, impermeability and greater resistance to dirt penetration. In addition to preventing stains from being absorbed by the flooring, the final finish offered by these products is quite grateful, achieving a quite pleasant final appearance with a shiny satin effect.

Some additional characteristics of lithium hardeners are that they will protect our flooring against efflorescence and alkalinity. It will also help you avoid infiltrations and the typical mold or fungus. Its use is the best choice for the recovery of older industrial concrete floors that are damaged by the passage of time.

The future is already here: Nano Lithium

In the past, the only solutions were through chemical elements such as potassium or sodium. The compositions of these elements and their viscosity make them less effective than existing Nano Lithium treatments. With Nano Lithium, we can get to the deepest layers of the pavement. The chemical reaction that takes place between the hardener and the soil, due to the alkalinity of the Lithium, takes longer to take place. This allows us its low viscosity against potassium or sodium. In this way, the lithium seal is complete and provides us with a uniform floor finish.

Lithium treatments are ideal to make the concrete floors of industrial buildings, parking lots or dealerships look shiny. Even the concrete floors most affected by abrasion wear, moisture and dust can be left untouched thanks to these polishing products, providing an effective and professional solution.