How to Wax a Terracotta Floor [5+ Best Step]

In some houses, a matte finish on a terracotta floor blends with the furniture, but if you want your terracotta floor to shine, you will have to wax it or paint it. See below for how to wax a terracotta floor to a dazzling sheen.

Step 1: Decide on the level of shine

If you want your terracotta floor to have a warm and semi-reflective sheen that enhances its color, choose a wax based floor polish formulated for clay tiles. If you want your floor to shine and reflect like polished wood or marble, choose a paint emulsion.

Step 2: clean and prepare the wax-up

Sweep the entire surface of the floor with a stiff broom to loosen dust and dirt and remove any mortar residue. Vacuum the floor with a normal dry vacuum cleaner. Wash the floor with a recommended clay tile cleaner and brush the mortar with a grout cleaner to remove stains and stains. Rinse the floor thoroughly with warm, then cold water and dry it by lifting the water with a vacuum cleaner.

Step 3: Apply a tile protector

Use one coat of a penetrating tile protector before applying a floor wax or paint emulsion. Mix the tile protection concentrate in a bucket with hot water according to the instructions on the bottle and spray it on the floor with a fiber cloth. Spread the sealant so that it evenly covers the floor. Allow the sealant to dry for 2 hours before adding any other floor finish.

Step 4: wax the terracotta floor

Before waxing the terracotta floor, check that the floor surface is completely dry. Wear slippers with a soft sole while applying the wax, to avoid scratching the sealed surface. Collect the wax from the container with a spatula and spread it on the floor with the electric floor polisher. Evenly wax all areas of the floor, even those that do not get pedestrian traffic, to ensure that the finish of the floor is protected from abrasion by furniture and vacuum cleaners. Let the wax rest for 1 hour after the initial coat. Apply a second coat of wax if you want a brighter finish.

Step 5: apply the paint emulsion

Special paint emulsions have been created for the two main types of terracotta floors. Use a neutral-colored paint on brown and gold and red-tinted terracotta tiles for a red-toned floor. Apply the paint emulsion to the floor with a long-handled roller. Use a roller with a low pile to evenly and thinly distribute the paint emulsion. Just apply one coat of this product to obtain a waxed finish on the floor. For a bright and hard finish, allow the first coat to dry for 1 hour, then polish with the floor polisher. Apply the second coat, leave to dry for 2 hours, then polish again. To keep this surface shiny, polish the floor weekly.