How to Get Over a Broken Heart? Everything You Need to Know

We, as human beings, have a wonderful ability - we can fall in love with a person, with work, and even with the idea of our own existence.

Falling in love strengthens the sense of time. You feel it flowing away like sand. Only having fallen in love, we feel the present moment more than ever sharply and we understand that what is available to us now may never happen again.

Love is the mirror of our own fleeting possibilities; inner sense of self. Love is a test of self-worth: I cannot believe that I am exactly what they think of me in order to let love into my life.

Love comes to us, but at the same time it is a form of extinction. The worker must stop working in order to enjoy the fruits of his labors. Love would not be so valuable if it never ended.

There is no greater gift in human life than the opportunity to be happy through love, through this total dedication and daily comfort, which brings a feeling of love.

Love reminds us of our mortality, but at the same time that there is such a force that is greater than death and which we are not able to control.

OH Broken Heart.

It is impossible to protect yourself from disappointment, sadness, grief. A broken heart is a natural result of our love and concern for someone or something that we are not in control of... The first crack in the heart appears when we are asked to let go, and we are not able, in other words, disappointment and sadness settle in us, color and enlarge, like under a magnifying glass, every single day; a broken heart is not a short-term phenomenon; it is a road that every, even the most ordinary, “average” person is forced to walk.

A broken heart is a sign of our sincerity: in love, in work, in an attempt to master a musical instrument, in an attempt to become more generous. A broken heart is a beautiful helpless part of love, its essence and emblem.

The path to growing up is through a broken heart; and yet we say “broken heart,” as if it only means that something went wrong: love did not meet reciprocity, a dream shattered.

But perhaps a broken heart is the core of our human existence, the main thing on the way from here to that side, thanks to it we learn to love what we meet on our way. There is almost no road accessible to man that would not lead to a broken heart.

We can look at disappointment and grief with different eyes: not as the end of the road or the death of hope, but as a strong embrace of what we always wanted or were about to lose.

A broken heart asks us not to look for another way, because there is no other way. It calls us to that we love and always loved, asks the inevitable and often beautiful question.

Things and people who have been with us from the very beginning ask us to be ready when it comes time to let go for the last time.

How to Survive a Broken Heart?

Love is sometimes very cruel and at some point all relationships slide into the abyss of scandals and partings. Many people are familiar with the situation when you love a little man, and then bam, and you are no longer together.

And it doesn’t matter at all who left whom and when, because the sadness from a broken heart, pain and frustration will overtake you anyway.

But how can one get out of this sad situation, not become a hostage to depression and not become a spineless amoeba? On how to defeat Broken Heart Syndrome, we happy to share a couple of tips with you.

1. Away reminders about the subject.

If you have bad habits or you wildly love sweets, but want to lose weight, at all times they advise only one thing - to throw everything to hell out of sight and not to bring this “muck” home.

We work with the same pattern with all the photos, gifts, things and other things that remain of the former love or reminds of it. Why pull this ballast into a new life? Throw it in the trash! And not listen up sad music!

2. Occupy yourself with at least something.

It's time to discover new talents! Start learning something new, such as playing an instrument or drawing. Sign up for the sports section, after all. So you will drive away anger and be distracted, you will also get tired so that there will be no time for memories. Labor - ennobles a person, so go for it.

3. Do not shut yourself.

It’s sad, painful, lonely, but you don’t want to see anyone either? Get rid of it faster, because you can become a recluse. With tearful music and a bucket of ice cream, it’s certainly good, but then you’ll definitely be lying and eating fat like boiled dumplings. And with friends you can cry, laugh and be distracted. 

4. Love yourself.

After you broke your heart and threw your feelings in the trash, it’s clear that you will feel like a piece of unnecessary poop, the most sloppy person in society and just the bottom of the universe. But precisely at this moment, it is very important to love yourself. Do not become selfish, but accept your shortcomings and look in the mirror every morning, repeat to yourself that you are cool. After a week, you already have a couple of steps to climb self-esteem. Do not believe? And you check.

5. New life and reappraisal of feelings.

No one says that in a week or two, you can calmly discuss your past relationships. Not. After all, another month or two will storm you and oppress any mention of a former lover. But, when the first wave of pain subsides, you can calmly analyze what was good, do the work on the mistakes, and realize that you simply were not on the way with that person. You know how they say: “If the bride (groom) goes to another, then it is not known who is lucky. Maybe it's for the best.

It is clear that you can recall your old feelings in a year or even in 20 years, but this will no longer cause you painful sensations somewhere under the ribs.

Your sufferers will degenerate into fond memories of your former bright feeling, like the last step of your long life path and nothing more. We hope our tips will help you and make your love sufferings easier.

How to cure a broken heart?

I heard a phrase recently that in our times hearts and hopes are more often broken than cars. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that many of us would rather see a broken car than a broken heart ...

Disease history. Symptoms.
After all, a broken heart is a void, it pursues.

She kind of envelops and, it seems, there is no way out.

Dead end.

Why is this happening?

Maybe she loved the wrong one? And why not that ...?

He is the best, kind, sweet.

The most of the most.

And is it really her fault that he still loves his "ex"?

That said, I'm sorry, let's stay friends.

Guilty? No, she’s not guilty of this ...

Is that what she once told him that she loves, puzzled ...

But she told the truth ...

She also had loves, and not one ...

And there was also a lot of pain from the fact that she She thought she loved, but they didn’t love her...

She is also special, different, the best. But they do not love her, and perhaps they did not love her...

It hurts. She will not forget him now, perhaps never...

But you have to let him go...

Many live with such pain, and live the same...

And she will live, as before, only without him, without his eyes, hands and smiles ...

But somehow others live without him...

He was the meaning of her life, the sun, infinitely warm and joyful. And now it’s raining ...

Dank gray rain on the street and in her soul. She no longer has the strength to live on without him ...

He took a piece of her, perhaps the most important. She was left alone with her sadness...

Her heart was broken!

How to glue a broken heart? Treatment.

1. After a hard parting, many become isolated in themselves. They want to be alone, to be sad, to think, to cry. We must cry. With tears come all the accumulated negative emotions within you. But the idea of retreating is not the best. There are always people nearby who are not indifferent to you: friends, relatives, relatives, colleagues. So they then will begin to be the first to conduct resuscitation activities with your heart.

2. Allow yourself to do whatever your heart desires, despite the consequences, at least for a few days. Have a bachelorette party, “belly festival”, relax in your favorite place or where you have long dreamed of getting in, take care of yourself (hairdresser, spa, pool), buy a new dress or insanely expensive underwear. Or maybe a parachute jump or a flight in a wind tunnel? Do everything that you would never dare in the "old" life. The attention of a man, of course, is always important for us, but you will understand that without him it can be infinitely good. You need to live for yourself and for your beloved, to get the maximum pleasure and joy from life.

3. And here is a well-known technique on how to cure a broken heart.
Imagine a channel connecting you with an ex. Closing our eyes, we imagine two tubes through which energy circulates between you. Again, mentally, take the scissors and cut the tubes in half.  The ends that fit you mentally squeeze. The wounds in the heart will begin to heal, although not immediately, but it will become much easier.

4. Try to load yourself as much as possible. For example, work. Occupational therapy at all times has been an effective tool in cardiac affairs. Free time for worries and thoughts should not remain.

5. Throw out of your head the idea of revenge on the former. No need to prove to him that you were the best with him, and how much he lost. We must try to forgive him.

Remember for the last time about your wonderful moments together, thank him mentally (only mentally!), Because thanks to him you were very happy for a while.

And you can already switch to other men!

6. Psychologists argue that one of the effective ways is to complain to yourself about your trouble. Aloud. In front of the mirror. It is believed that this helps to relieve stress well. I, as not a psychologist at all, advise you to finish this therapy in front of a mirror with a pair of funny faces. Now more than ever you need positive emotions.

7. Do you know such a wise phrase: “Everything that does not kill us makes us stronger”? Scientists believe that the brain needs 21 days to adapt to something new, whether it's a new job, study, or a new life without it and with a broken heart. Three weeks later, even if nothing is done theoretically, it should become easier. Heart wounds will begin to heal themselves.

8. If nothing helps at all, then you can turn to a psychologist - a specialist in heart affairs, who always has glue for broken hearts in stock. It is not necessary to make an appointment in person, you can talk with a psychologist via the Internet. According to statistics from the Moscow Psychological Aid Service, people rarely ask for help due to breakdowns (300 to 20,000 cases).

9. The most important “Not”, contraindication: do not treat a broken heart with alcohol. Firstly, for health and well-being - this is an unhelpful therapy. Secondly, getting out of control, things can get to the tearful night calls "exu". All previous attempts to cure a broken heart "down the drain". A vicious circle of some kind!

Meeting and parting, gaining and losing is an inevitable part of our lovely life. And no matter how hard it was at the beginning, it is possible to restore spiritual strength and cure a broken heart. But even qualitatively healed wounds leave scars for the rest of my life, unfortunately ...

Parable of the Broken Heart.
- Hello, I'm on an ad. Are you giving your heart in good hands?

- I.

- Boo?

- Yes. It loved three years of one person.

- Well! Three years of operation is quite a long time! Why are you giving?

“His past owner didn’t use his heart properly.” He broke it, cut it, played with it, plunged sharp objects into it ... His heart ached, bleeding, but still fulfilled its main function: he loved it ... And once the one to whom it belonged broke it ...

- How did you break it ?! Have you been repaired? What did you say?

- Not subject to recovery ...

- Why did you submit an ad? Do you really think that someone needs your broken heart?

- I believe that there is a person in the world who can glue him from the fragments. I believe that he will not regret this love and time. I believe that he will be able to give him a second life ...

“I ... I'm ready to try.” This, of course, will be difficult, but the result is worth it. Can you give me any guarantees? If I can restore it, I can revive your heart ... how much more can it love?

- While it beats ...

- In the announcement you indicated that you will give your heart back only under one condition ...

- Yes. I must be sure that you will not hurt him.

- Unfortunately, I cannot see the future. I can not confidently promise you that it will no longer suffer ... All I can do today is give you my heart in return ...

- I agree!

- I, too, are satisfied with all the conditions of the contract.

“So we'll meet tomorrow ?!” For exchange?

- Yes. Goodbye my love.

- See you tomorrow darling...

How to heal a broken heart?

Termination of the relationship has a devastating effect on the person. The human emotions that we are trying to control in some way are unpredictable and often they control people. Who did not feel extreme anger, confusion, sadness, fear? How to transform them into a feeling of happiness and joy?

What is broken heart syndrome?
The test of feelings takes place on the internal and uncontrollable level from the outside. Emotions reflect what a person is experiencing at the moment. This also includes the feeling of a “bleeding heart,” also called broken heart syndrome. Deep anguish is not just a mental problem. Although it is a romantic term, it is a disorder that, in fact, is a medical term.

This syndrome occurs due to extreme emotional overstrain, as a result of which there is an upset of the heart muscle. It can affect healthy people, but the risk group includes people with preexisting heart problems. Fortunately, in the medical concept, a broken heart syndrome covers a small number of people, the majority copes with parting somehow, their psychological wounds heal over time on their own. Time is the best doctor for this disorder. But immediately after the separation (divorce), everything seems black, empty, sad ... How to survive this period? The following lines will tell about this.

Find something to do
How to cure a broken heart? The best way to overcome this terrible period is to use all possible methods of distraction. For starters, the most accessible will be access to fresh air and walks in the park or simply through the streets. So you can distract from bad thoughts. Yes, and the contemplation of nature will not leave you indifferent. You will automatically forget about the bad and switch to natural beauty.

Find a new hobby. Be it dancing, sports, drawing, photography, sewing, a foreign language, various courses ... Do not be alone with yourself, and do not try to ask yourself questions - why? Most likely, you will not find the answer. And if this happens, then only with time. Pour new energy and enthusiasm into your body with the help of new hobbies and activities.

Surround yourself with friends
Go to the cinema, buy something, visit a hairdresser, drink coffee with a girlfriend / boyfriend. Surround yourself with friends, family, and loved ones. Talk about everything (except for the problems that led to a broken heart syndrome). Constantly analyzing the problem and returning to it will not help you.

Find someone you can trust. You can contact a specialist psychotherapist and talk with him. Know that reporting your problems to the whole world will not bring relief - perhaps only at the moment. Believe in yourself, praise yourself, encourage and plan a new life!