How to Forget Your Ex? Six Tips to Do It Fast and Forever

If time passes and as much as you try to forget your ex, remember them from the past, they chase you, calm down! It's time to take some time alone to value yourself and rebuild that broken heart. But if we talk about years, then it's time to do something seriously and start enjoying your life.

The bitter feeling that your partner breaks up with you can hurt and be traumatic, but you are worth much more than that suffering and if he has decided to turn the page, you will not be less.

Forgetting your ex is not easy, according to scientists (and common sense, yes), the more intense that relationship has been, the harder it is to leave her in the past.

However, it is also said that memories weaken over time.

Surely take a while to fall in love again and feel some truth for someone, but in the meantime have fun! It will help you a lot to forget your ex, but above all to raise your self-esteem.

How to get over someone you see everyday

1. Express Your Feelings

If you want, cry, scream, kick until you have no strength. Allow yourself to feel anger, sadness and all the natural feelings of a duel. Then, make the decision to overcome it.

2. Break With the Memories

Keep out of your sight all the gifts, cards and photographs you have of your ex. Some women prefer to burn or throw away those gifts; others keep them in the back of the closet.

3. Remove It From Your Virtual Life

Although this is more difficult, because your contacts will notice and ask questions, it is better to remove the photos you had with him. Then remove it from your contacts, block it. This way you will avoid reviewing what you are doing or who you are talking to.

4. Do Not See the Environment

It is very common to try to maintain communication with the family of who is now your ex-partner, but before the break it is better to keep distance, at least for a while.

5. Take Advantage of Your Singleness

Take back the activities you like. Playing sports is a very good option. You can also take dance classes, paint or embark on new work or academic projects.

6. Take Your Time

Go out with your friends, get fat, go shopping, spend time with your family. Surround yourself with people who love you and in whom you can find unconditional support.


3 Most Common Mistakes After Ending a Relationship


Regardless of the reason or the way they ended the relationship, today I am here to prevent you from making the 3 most common mistakes after ending a relationship.

The selection of these errors is based on statistics, publications of other media and have also been selected from the dozens of emails that I receive every day.

Every day, women like you go to Stories for Women looking for support to overcome their love breaks and here they find the necessary support.

That is why:

Today I will tell you about the most common mistakes after ending a relationship with the desire that they serve as a reflection for you and avoid committing us.

Let this be a tool to overcome the love break and rely on the guides I have for you.

The most important thing is that you recover your inner strength and build a new life for yourself.

Here is an example of what you MUST AVOID DOING:

Errors after ending a relationship

You just ended a love relationship and you have a shower of feelings that come to you without you being able to control them.

You feel fear, anguish, sadness, panic, hopelessness, etc. and this instability commonly causes you not to act intelligently and make mistakes.

To this day I have selected these 3 errors after ending a relationship based on my own experience, in the conversations I have had with my readers like you and because psychologists and authors also agree that these are the most common mistakes after finishing A relationship.

Error No. 1 after terminating a relationship:

Talk to your ex about your feelings after the relationship ends.
You may feel an irresistible need to want to talk about your feelings, to want to explain to your ex what you think, what you feel and even what you want to do from now on but you must stop.

Stop for a moment, control that momentum and don't look for it!
Your relationship is over, you are not emotionally strong or stable and he is living his own separation process.

That is why you should NOT go to him to vent your emotions.

That irresistible need to want to talk about your feelings is common but you must decide wisely how and with whom to speak it.

I know how difficult it is to contain everything you want to say and I firmly believe that it is necessary for you to remove all these emotions from your system. There are techniques to do it .

And today I suggest you write a letter .

Write to your ex a letter explaining everything you feel but DON'T SEND IT !

I suggest you take paper and pencil and write everything you want to say, all those feelings, complaints,
apologies, etc.

Everything, absolutely everything you want to say.

And when you've finished explaining everything you feel and think about ending the relationship, save that letter and don't send it to her .

I insist that you write it on paper, so the temptation to send it after a simple click will be less.

You will be surprised to know how relieving it is to get all those feelings and thoughts inside.

Do it as many times as necessary but never send it to them.

Writing will relieve your anxiety and gradually decrease those desires to tell you everything you thought.

After a couple of days you will realize that I am right and when you read those letters, (if you get to do it), you will realize that much of what you wanted to share was better kept for you.

Doing so is a terrible mistake after finishing.

Error No. 2 after terminating a relationship:

Harass your ex for whatever reason.
As I said in the previous point, you can't harass your ex to listen to what you feel and think, much less to know about his life or for him to remain part of yours.

What you need in the first moments after the relationship is over is a little space and time.

If it was he who took the step to end the relationship, you cannot contact him frequently or insist that he return with you because that will overwhelm him and show that you do not understand or respect his motives and decisions.

You must be respectful and give him the space he has asked for.

A couple of weeks will be useful for you to recover your calm and both have been able to assimilate the change and accept the new situation.

In the end always think that it makes no sense for your ex to return with you grief or pressure!

If you have pending issues between you, it is best to coordinate by message or mail and resolve it without requiring long conversations and personal visits.

And the most important,

remember to focus the conversation only to solve the pending and do not discuss personal or sentimental issues , you should not be more interested in his life and you should not share yours.

If it is he who is harassing you with insistent calls and messages and does not respect your space and your life then you must set limits.

Do not answer any of its provocations, talk about the harassment you are receiving with your friends and family and if you see that it exceeds your limits; Then report it.

Error No. 3 after terminating a relationship:

Speak insistently about the relationship you just ended.

Don't contaminate all your conversations by repeatedly talking about the relationship you just ended.

It's been hours, maybe days since you ended your relationship and it's normal for you to feel anxious and your life is broken down, but you can't let your only topic of conversation be your ex and the relationship that ended.

It is completely normal that you look for your closest friends to drown the sorrows or that you talk with your family about it but it is neither necessary nor adequate that you speak only and repeatedly of the same subject.

You must stop talking about him

Now you should no longer care about his life,
or his problems,
or what you think will happen with his life.

From now on, and especially these days just after the end of the relationship you should focus on yourself and especially how you will spend your time.

Talking about it will become a habit that will prevent you from forgetting it. .

Even if you think you can't think of anything else, the best thing you can do is surround yourself with people who have a lot to share with you.

You need to surround yourself with people who have interesting stories, different conversation topics and do activities that you can include.

The important thing is to live new experiences .

If you manage to do that the following days after ending the relationship, then you can try something additional that will help you feel better.

Convince your mind that you don't miss him and that you don't want to come back ...

It may seem impossible but I suggest you try.

For a whole day repeat to yourself that you are very well,
keep busy doing hundreds of activities,
being more productive, getting
back in touch with your friends, etc.
and always repeat how good you are and how good you feel .

The first days after ending a relationship are the most difficult for women.

That is why you must remain calm and follow these tips.

Avoiding making these mistakes will facilitate any future decision you are going to make and believe me, you will have fewer issues to solve and more likely to end without major dramas.

Avoiding these mistakes you will take the first step to forget your ex and the relationship you had with him

But there is still a long way to go.

And if you don't do something about it, the process of overcoming a love break can be something long and painful.

Now imagine that you have in your hands a guide that step by step will accompany you, motivate you and take you through a proven process to overcome your ex.

A guide that will take you by the hand to the next chapter of your life ...


That guide exists and it is time to access it, use it, follow in its footsteps and build a new life without all the feelings that torment you right now.

A new life without the shadow of your ex.