How to Create a Garage Apartment [5+ Best Step]

There are many advantages to turning your garage home into an apartment . Not only does it add liveable square footage to your home, but you can also rent space for an additional source of income. While creating a garage may seem complicated initially, here is a brief guide on how to turn the space into a second residence.

Step 1: design

It is necessary to draw up a project for the apartment before applying for permits. The plan should include where additional electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling outlets will be installed and what is expected to be done with garage doors. With the complete floor plan, you can start acquiring the permits for the project.

Step 2: buy permits

Authorizing the purchase of a garage is much simpler than it is for a new construction project. You just need a permit for plumbing and electrical work, which means a lot less paperwork than you might think. In addition to the permit, you will also need an inspector to go out and approve your project and make sure the garage is livable.

Step 3: add hydraulic and electrical system

Adding new plumbing and electrical systems to a garage is easier than it seems. With the plumbing, all you need to do is touch the plumbing system in your home and route new pipes for a kitchen, bathroom and shower. The same goes for wiring. Keep in mind that the more time you have to pass pipes and wires, the more it will cost.

Step 4: connect to the HVAC system

You can connect the garage apartment to your home's HVAC system. Another option is to install an air conditioner for windows and a heater for the apartment. This could increase the cost of the bill, but also allows the inhabitants of the apartment full control of their thermostat.

Step 5: add floors, windows and walls

With technical things out of the way, you can turn your attention to the structural elements of the garage apartment. Garages usually have concrete floors. You can install tiles, carpets and wood on concrete or stain it. For walls, you may not have to do much other than paint them. This, of course, depends on your floor plan and whether or not you need to build new walls to separate the rooms. Finally, you need to consider what you will do with the windows. Without the right amount of windows, your garage can appear dark and uninviting. If you want to avoid installing additional exterior windows, consider placing a skylight to provide the space with a more natural light source.

Step 6: add doors

The garage door is one of the most complicated parts of this project. Fortunately you have many options at your disposal. You can always leave the door intact and use it as a decorative element (your HOA may also request to keep it). You can also replace the frame with glass, turning the garage door into a large window. Whatever you decide, you'll need to install a new door somewhere in the garage. This will allow people to exit the room safely without having to use the garage door.