How To Clean Your Dishwasher Correctly

Clean the dishwasher? Is it to clean what is the task of cleaning other things? You may think that every time the dishwasher is turned on, the hot water and the cleaner are spinning so it is not contaminated - but this is a dirty job, so it can sometimes remain incomplete.

You Will Need

  • White vinegar
  • -Carbonate
  • -Lemon juice
  • -Clothes or soft fabrics
  • -Toothbrush
  • -Toothpick


1- Start your dishwasher or you can choose after the time you run it. Make the dishwasher completely empty by removing all the hangers and racks.

2-Check the rotating arms and make sure all the holes are open so that the water can get out of here with temperature. Using a toothpick or similar small tool, you should remove any dirt that may have accumulated in these holes (be careful not to damage the machine mechanism by pressing too much!

3-You should also clean the bottom of the cover. In some dishwashers, water does not reach this part, so dirt and dirt can easily accumulate here. Look at the bottom of your dishwasher, check the water flowing around the drain. Remove dirt and debris that covers this area, or any solid that could block the road. If you have a filter, take it out and open the parts in your sink. Clean your filter using a toothbrush and some baking soda or hot soapy water. Rinse well

4-In the next step, you should clean around the drain with the help of a toothbrush and baking soda. There may be leftovers that can cause any odor here, and you should also clean them. This can also be easily clogged due to labels from pumpkins or glasses.

5-You should wipe the part that was closed with a cloth dipped in a few drops of lemon juice and white vinegar. You can also use a toothbrush for narrower areas. Rub well and be sure to clean the corners and edges of the machine as well.

6-You should also check and clean the basket where the forks and knives are placed for leftovers. If they are very dirty, you can clean them thoroughly with warm water and a little soap. Don't forget to rinse well.

7-To clean the places where water can accumulate, you can run it once with white vinegar while your dishwasher is empty. Pour two glasses of white vinegar into the bottom of your machine and then run it once on the economic circuit. In the middle of washing, stop the machine so that the vinegar can sit well underneath and do its job. Let it sit for another 20 minutes and then continue washing.

If you have rust marks, then you can use rust removing materials that do not damage the dishwashers. If your machine's detergent handle does not close well, you can use specially designed seals for dishwashers.

If you have mold or similar problems, you can use bleach. You can add half a glass of bleach to the floor of your dishwasher and wash once.

Note: If your dishwasher's interior is made of stainless steel, we should not use bleach. Also, do not mix bleach and vinegar!

8-Clean the buttons and adjustment panel beautifully. Spray the vinegar / water / lemon juice mixture or a cleaner suitable for stainless steel (this is completely attached to your machine) and spray the front of your dishwasher. I think microfiber fabrics do much better in dishwashers and stainless steel materials.

A Few More Notes:

- It may be good to repeat this cleaning process (or a shorter version) once a month.

-You should be careful about dishwashing gels. They usually contain bleach, which will begin to deteriorate and drain the rubber seal over time.

-Do not mix bleach and vinegar.