The Ultimate Guide to How to Clean the Washing Machine From Bad Odors and Sanitize It Better

Like the other appliances, the washing machine also needs adequate and regular maintenance, to prevent bad odors from coming out, such as to make detergents ineffective.

In fact, since it is often in contact with stagnant water, there are periods in which it emits bad smells, mainly due to the proliferation of mold and bacteria in the humid and closed environment.

Sometimes even the clothes are affected by the bad smell and therefore do not taste clean. We find below how to clean the washing machine to eliminate bad odors and sanitize it better.

How to clean the washing machine from bad smells

The internal surfaces of the washing machine must be cleaned periodically so that the appliance guarantees its performance. It would be advisable to clean the washing machine drum at least once a month, in order to sanitize it regularly. How to clean washing machine drum ? Simple, doing a 90° wash, ideal for totally eliminating bacteria.

Vacuum washing can also be done by inserting a professional detergent, suitable for sanitizing the basket, always having the foresight to set the temperature to the maximum, so as to destroy all bacteria, which obviously at low temperatures would continue to affect the washing machine.

Another method to prevent mold from forming is to alternate washing with cold and hot water. In this way, bacteria are eliminated and any detergent residue dissolves.

How to clean the washer seal

The washing machine cleaning includes the cleaning of the gaskets, the filter, the door and the tray. Clean the rubber strip between the door and the mouth of the basket well, but take care to also clean the seals. Here in fact mold and bacteria easily nest and can give rise to bad smells if they are not clean. In this part of the washing machine the water tends to stagnate in the folds and this can in fact lead to the formation of mold.

The washing machine gasket must be cleaned with specific detergents that keep molds away and sanitize the appliance. For a thorough cleaning, use a brush soaked in the solution and pass it over the interested parts, making it penetrate into each slot. After removing the mold, clean with a damp cloth and dry.

How to clean the washing machine filter

Even the cleaning machine filter is very important. The loading and unloading filters must in fact always be kept clean. Then treat them with degreasers and disinfectants designed specifically for the seals of the washing machine, which remove dirt and prevent the formation of bacteria.

When you need to disassemble the filter, you must first of all close the water and place it under a basin so as not to drop the water and the residual dirt. If it is very dirty, you can soak the filter for a few hours in a solution of water and sanitizing detergent. After the time, you can remove the last residues and rinse the filter under running water.

In addition to the elements just described, it is also important to clean the washing machine drawer , as soap can create scale and residues which damage the appliance. To clean the washing machine tray, remove it and rinse it under running water after soaking it for a few minutes with a specific detergent.

How to clean the washing machine internally

Internal cleaning of the washing machine is essential to keep it always perfectly functional and efficient. To perform even more thorough cleaning, remove the parts that can be removed such as the trays. These must be removed and washed with care or soaked in a basin with hot water and a specific degreasing and sanitizing detergent.

With a sponge after a while, remove any residue and then dry with a dry cloth. The internal parts of the washing machine also include the filter, which must be cleaned carefully and at least once a month. The filter can be removed and rinsed under running water or also soaked with professional detergent.

The door also deserves good cleaning, to be carried out with hot water and a specific sanitizing product. Once washed carefully, dry with a microfibre cloth and it will shine again.

How to clean and disinfect the washing machine

To clean the washing machine and further disinfect it, you can put it inside the disinfectant or degreaser during the vacuum cleaning. In addition, always clean the seals with professional detergent and also follow some practical tips to prevent the washing machine from giving off bad odors. Here are what they are:
  • Never close the door after washing but dry it
  • Take care to keep the filters always perfectly clean
  • Use the detergent in the right quantity and never excessive in the washes
  • At least twice a year clean the washing machine with specific products
If the bad smells do not go away, carry out a check in the water supply pipe, to verify that it works correctly.

As you can see, cleaning the washing machine from bad odors and sanitizing it is quite simple.