The Most Incredible Article About How to Clean the Sofa With Steam You'll Ever Read

Cleaning the sofa is an impossible operation to leave out, especially if you have pets at home and you must always keep everything well sanitized. One of the most effective methods of ensuring maximum hygiene for the sofa is steam, and there are many tools available today to choose from to sterilize the upholstery of our home. Here's how to clean the sofa with steam .

Why clean the sofa with steam

Cleaning the sofa with steam means ensuring maximum hygiene and also maximum care for the upholstery. In fact, in addition to removing stains, the steam cleans thoroughly without altering the fabrics and without deforming them. With a jet it ensures the removal of fat and the elimination of dirt, sanitizes and removes allergens, but also kills viruses, mites and bacteria, removes mold and pathogens that nest between the folds. No other tool allows to clean any surface in the best way, and the steam to clean sofas is always the most effective solution to guarantee a deep hygiene.

How to clean fabric sofa with steam

Your sofa is in fabric and you want to ensure it is cleaned thoroughly without damaging it? One of the most used fabrics in the realization of the sofas is the microfibre, soft and of high aesthetic yield. Cleaning the microfibre sofa with steam is very simple: first of all, remove all the dust using a vacuum cleaner, so as to remove any residue that can lurk between the armrests and the folds of the cushions.

It is important to perform this operation in the best way so as not to risk that the fabric gets wet with steam and the residues stick together, ruining the fabric. Also use the appropriate accessories to remove dirt, taking care to insist in the cracks. If there are stains that you can pre-treat before spraying the steam, do so using a professional cleaner suitable for microfibre. The shutter speed varies depending on the detergent chosen, but generally 3-5 minutes are sufficient. Once the time has passed, a clean cloth passes over the surface to remove dirt and dry the fabric. At this point you can clean the sofas with steam and guarantee them perfect hygiene.

How to clean leather sofa with steam

How to clean leather sofa with steam? Generally this is not a complicated operation, and you just need to have the right tool to clean the steam sofa , even if it is a more delicate material such as leather. But how to prepare the steam engine to clean the sofa and ensure the right treatment for the skin? Here is how to proceed:
  • To begin with, pour the water and detergent into the special tank
  • Do not fill the tank to the brim otherwise the skin is impregnated with excessive water and steam
  • Mount on the machine the accessory suitable for the surface to be cleaned, for example a brush or a cloth, depending on the model of the steam machine
  • Start cleaning by starting to direct the jet onto the cushions, if they are removable
  • It releases the flow of steam onto the skin and immediately afterwards sucks up the excess water
  • Repeat the procedure for the other walls of the sofa, taking care to always pull excess water

Remember to work a small section at a time and always remove excess moisture, to prevent the sofa from getting drenched. Avoid exposing a large surface to steam at the same time and dry each area you are treating. Continue the operation until you have steamed all areas of the sofa.

At the end, go over a clean, dry cloth on the sofa and perform light and gentle movements to absorb the last few droplets of steam. Allow to air dry further before using the sofa to sit.