How to Clean the Heater Honeycomb?

Faces of the radiators visible from outside are cleaned by wiping frequently, but the main dirt is formed in the recirculating water with the panels between them. When these dirt accumulates excessively, they spread dust and bacteria to the environment and sometimes cause the boiler to malfunction. So, how to clean the heater core from inside and outside? What can be done to keep the honeycombs clean for a long time?

Internal Water Cleaning of Heater Comb

The heating system is based on the transfer of the water heated by the boiler in the environment. The water circulates all the combs that are open and the boiler returns. Since the boiler water is supplied from the mains water, it already contains many particles and some mud. This mud accumulates over time. In addition, rust occurs on poor quality panels, which is added to the water. Although much gas is used over time, the efficiency of the combs decreases. The boiler's filters become clogged and other malfunctions may occur. For this, the internal cleaning of the combs should be done at least once a year. By following the steps below, the internal heating system can be cleaned.

- If it is working first, the boiler is turned off. Usually the bathroom has a valve through which all honeycomb water can be drained. The location of the valve is determined, if necessary, a hose is attached to its end and the water is directed towards the appropriate place by opening the valve.

- The water intake valve of the boiler opens. The boiler will pass the water it receives through the panels and perform the internal cleaning in this way.

- The process continues until the water coming out gets a clean image.

- When the internal cleaning is provided, the outlet valve in the bathroom is closed first. Then immediately go to the boiler. It is waited until the boiler takes water between 1-2 bars. Excess water disrupts the boiler. In this respect, pressure gauge should be monitored carefully, and 2 bar pressure should not be exceeded.

- The water intake valve of the boiler, which gets enough water, is also tightly closed. After the air of all combs is removed with a special apparatus, the water pressure is checked again. If necessary, boiler is operated by adding water.

- This can be done by adding special cleaning fluids to the system, but this requires professional assistance. Combi maintenance companies also perform honeycomb water cleaning.

- The boiler's filters should be cleaned to the boiler maintenance company at least once a year. Because the clogged filters create water problems and cause the boiler to fail.

External Cleaning of Heater Honeycomb

It is very difficult to reach the inner panels in the heating combs. However, all dirt rust is collected here. These interior panels cannot also be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. So how to clean the heater core with home facilities:

- When the side panels of the honeycombs are pushed up, these panels are removed. Some panels are tight but will come off when forced. Side panels are removed from both sides first.

- Then the grated section above it is taken.

- The exposed inner panels can be cleaned with a long dusting device. It can also be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Afterwards, it can be removed from the remaining dirt with a wet cloth or a plug.

- After the grill and side panels are cleaned and well dried, first the grill and then the side panels are installed and the honeycomb is restored.

- To clean the honeycomb without opening it, a large basin is placed under the honeycomb and the honeycomb is cleaned by pouring water from the top. Then the comb is dried at high temperature to prevent rust.

- Those who do not want to pour water can be done with the help of a plug.

- A lot of dirt also accumulates in the parts of the honeycomb that rest against the wall. These areas can be cleaned with a suitable vacuum cleaner.

- Finally, the honeycomb is wiped from the outside with a damp cloth and dried thoroughly.

- Pressurized steam devices are very good tools for honeycomb cleaning. They both provide excellent cleaning and destroy bacteria and microorganisms. It is recommended to clean the combs with the steam devices especially in the environment where the asthma patients are located.

Heating core cleaning has become a service provided by cleaning companies today. These companies clean the honeycomb with pressurized water and various cleaning products, but since they use insulation materials that surround the honeycomb, no place gets wet except honeycomb.

What Can Be Done To Keep Honeycombs Clean?

No matter how clean the environment, the honeycombs in the spaces collect dust as they are heated objects. In addition, warm-loving bacteria and micro creatures take their place in the honeycombs. Young children in such environments, those with dust allergies or asthma, are negatively affected by accumulated dirt. For this, it is recommended to remove and clean the panels every 6 months. Containers filled with pots, water or other materials and similar items should not be placed on the honeycombs. Because these cause rust and dirt stains. To protect the combs from rust, it is necessary to dry them thoroughly with a dry cloth after cleaning. There are those who use pieces like marble to prevent the combs from getting dust. This prevents the honeycomb from dusting, but the environment does not heat well even though excess gas is consumed. Because the heat that cannot be removed from the grill turns towards the outer wall.