How to Choose a Pressure Washer?

The pressure washer  allows you to easily and effortlessly clean any surface through a water get, it is ideal for washing means of transport, facades of houses, fences, terraces, sidewalks, household tools, etc. In order to choose the right model, you must first become familiar with the main features of the equipment.

Recommendations for choosing a pressure washer:

  • When choosing a pressure washer, it is important to pay attention to the two important factors that influence the quality of the surface cleaning: water jet pressure (bar) and water quantity - l / h. This helps us to correctly choose the type of device we need, as well as its intended use. The higher the jet pressure, the easier the device meets the requirements, without manual involvement, so choose the pressure washer, depending on the objectives pursued.
  • Water pressure and flow (liters / hour). These two factors reduce the time to remove the dirt and facilitate this process.
  • Working power (kW / h). This parameter determines the average electricity consumption of the device in working order, which allows you to determine how economical the device is.
  • Maximum water temperature (degrees Celsius - C °). The water temperature ensures the quality of optimal cleaning of all types of surfaces.
  • Weight (kilograms). The trowel is quite easy, the high pressure washer allows it to move smoothly.
  • Dimensions - volume (cm). The width, height and length of the device are important not only for transportation, but also for compact storage.

If you have to remove light dirt around the house or a terrace, a gate, a fence, a bicycle, a motorcycle, then suits pressurized water cleaner Karcher K2 Compact / Basic or Karcher K 3.

These models (K 2 & K 3) - have compact dimensions and are intended for the clean maintenance of gardening tools, sidewalks or terraces. They are lightweight, which facilitates easier and easier transportation, at the same time, you need to know that most models have space for cleaning / detergent solutions.

In other words, the K2 and K3 models are high pressure washing machines - household, characterized by the words: accessibility, ergonomics (easy to store) compact, lightweight, and low energy consumption.

Incipient level

This category includes the Karcher K 2 Compact Car Pressure Water Cleaner. It is ideal for occasional use and removal of slightly soiled surfaces (for example, around the house, bicycles, gardening equipment, garden furniture). And thanks to a special set of accessories it can serve as a means of washing even a vehicle with a medium level of dirt.

Therefore, the Karcher K 2 Compact Car, and K 2 Premium Full Control Car Pressure Water Cleaner are intended for easy cleaning of small car surfaces. These models have the ability to adjust the pressure, which allows you an efficient cleaning, and the fact that they have wheels facilitates easier transport of the device.

Initial level models:
  • K 2 Basic
  • K 2 Car
  • K 2 Compact Car
  • K 2 Premium Full Control Car
  • K 2,990 T150

Medium level

Models at this level guarantee the user complete control. Karcher K 3 pressure water cleaners have a Vario Power jet tube, which allows you to adjust the pressure depending on the level of surface contamination and the Full Cntrol gun which has a set operating mode indicator. The Karcher K 3 Car pressure water cleaner is also equipped with a car kit that includes a mud removal brush, a foam nozzle, and 500 ml of car shampoo.

Also in this category is the Karcher K 4 pressure water cleaner. We can certainly say that this is the ideal solution for cleaning surfaces with a medium degree of dirt.

The Karcher K 4 Compact pressure water cleaner has been so named because of its adjustable height telescopic handle, it can be set to a comfortable draw height to the user's height and is stored compactly without having to disassemble it. With the Plug & Clean system you can change the detergent with one easy move.

In other words, the models belonging to this level are characterized by their high performance, ergonomics, and the presence of the wheels for easy movement.

However, the price remains affordable for a wide range of buyers.

Models that are part of the medium level
  • K 3
  • K3 Full Control
  • K3 Premium Full Control
  • K 4
  • K 4 Compact
  • K4 Full Control
  • K4 Premium Full Control

Optimal level

The Karcher K 5 pressure water cleaner is ideal for regular use of surfaces with a moderate level of dirt. This model is the best solution for home use. With the Full Control gun, you can set the right pressure for any type of surface. For maximum control, the pressure level is set on the spray gun and can be viewed on the LED display on the gun. Switching from high pressure to detergent mode can be done without changing the spray gun. The gun can be placed together with the spray lance in the unit, during short interruptions during cleaning.

As a result, the Karcher K 5 pressure water cleaner is an ideal solution for removing dirt with a medium level on cars, garden fences, bicycles, etc.

Models that are part of the optimal level:
  • K 5
  • K 5 Basic
  • K 5 Compact
  • K 5 Compact Home
  • K 5 Compact New
  • K5 Full Control
  • K5 Full Control Home

Higher level

Karcher K 7 pressurized water cleaners are the ideal appliances for frequent use and in case of heavy dirt, e.g. on trails / sidewalks, swimming pools, bicycles or motor vehicles. It is considered the highest quality appliance.

The K 7 Premium series is distinguished from its predecessors by its attractive features: water-cooled motor, practical hose winding system, which is easy to use and store, Quick Connect gun, 10 m high pressure hose, nozzles for dirt, Lance Vario Power, LED display on the gun for maximum control (Full Control).

In terms of energy consumption (3kV) and other technical characteristics, this model has no competition. Also, one of the performances of the K7 pressure washer is the supply of hot water through the appliance (max 60 ° C). These devices have a wide range of use. Based on the above, we can say firmly that the Karcher K 7 Premium pressure water washer is the best solution for a house on the ground, a cottage or a villa, where you have to keep clean not only the additional land of the house. , but also paths / sidewalks, fences, facades, terraces. The Karcher K 7 Compact retractable telescopic handle can be easily transported and stored at the same time.

Thus, the models of the upper level are:
  • K 7 Compact
  • K 7 Full Control Plus
  • K 7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Plus

Final recommendations:

1. Establish firmly for what household needs you want to purchase the pressure washer. The appliances differ in price, average energy consumption, as well as dirt removal performance. The middle class can be called the optimal level.

2. Evaluate the procurement budget. The parameters of the average and optimal level are practically identical but the price differs.

3. Select a model that suits you depending on the workload you have, or plan to do it. If you have a large area to be cleaned, you must keep in mind that you will have to permanently move the appliance, which is not at all easy and comfortable for large appliances. This requires you to pay special attention to the technical characteristics and the construction (presence of wheels, thread length, hose length) during the selection of the pressure washer. In this respect, the higher the capacity / performance, the more comfortable you will be to perform the task in an optimal period of time.

4. Consider the features of use. For washing cars will be suitable for middle-class appliances or those with accessories for washing cars, which are equipped with wheels, which will make the washing process more comfortable.

5. Pay attention to the size of the device. If you have enough storage space, then that's fine, but if you have limited space, this may be important. The most ergonomic are the Compact series washers.

6. Determine whether you need a cleaning agent to remove dirt. Not all models are equipped with such an option. If you need to use a cleaning agent for surface cleaning, you must purchase additional accessories. Here you should also keep in mind that only Karcher cleaning agents are recommended for Karcher appliances.

7. Length of cable / electrical wire. Despite the fact that you can use the extension cord during the planned works of a larger land, this is not always comfortable. The long cable makes your activity / work much more comfortable, because it is durable, which means even more safety.