How to Choose a Home Vacuum Cleaner?

Karcher vacuum cleaner  - is an indispensable cleaning device with which you can easily, quickly and effortlessly clean any surface of dust, dirt, debris and even water.

Whether you live in an apartment or have a house on the ground, it is important to keep your home clean and you need a good vacuum cleaner. Choosing a home vacuum cleaner is not so easy. To rely on the design and its price, it is very wrong. Entering a home appliance store "turns your head" in view of the multitude of models, but if you are insufficiently informed about the technical properties, it will be difficult for you to choose a good vacuum cleaner.

Karcher vacuum cleaner - is an indispensable cleaning device with which you can easily, quickly and effortlessly clean any surface of dust, dirt, debris and even water. Some models, even refresh the air, others can wash the carpet, all greatly facilitate cleaning.

In order to choose the right KARCHER vacuum cleaner model, you must familiarize yourself with the main features of the equipment.

The main recommendations for choosing a Kärcher vacuum cleaner:
1. One of the main indicators responsible for the cleaning result is the suction power or the force with which a vacuum cleaner can collect dust or debris.

2. It is also important that the dust is collected inside the device without going outside, and the filtration system is responsible for this. Primary air filtration is carried out in a container for dust collection, which can be of three types: bag, container, aqua-filter. The bags are disposable, but the plastic containers must be cleaned after each cleaning, the most environmentally friendly and ideal for allergic people are considered Karcher Vacuum cleaners with aquafilter, in which the dust dissolves in the water tank, as a result of this technology the air that Exit is perfectly clean.

3. We often ask ourselves the question - how to choose the right vacuum cleaner? Before buying a vacuum cleaner, choose which type of cleaning is most relevant to you (dry or wet cleaning). Today, Kärcher offers a wide range of vacuum cleaners:
  • Vacuum cleaner with bag
  • Vacuum cleaners with aquafilter
  • Cyclone vacuum cleaners
  • Manual vertical vacuum cleaners
  • Vacuum cleaner batteries

As needed, the workload, the type of cleaning, Karcher divides the vacuum cleaners into two categories - household vacuum cleaners and professional vacuum cleaners.

In this article we will talk about vacuum cleaners.

Wet-dry vacuum cleaners

Primary class

This category includes the Karcher VC 2 Premium vacuum cleaner, suitable for any pocket, is compact and reliable, specially designed for quick and efficient cleaning of both hard floors and carpets, characterized by a high degree of filtration due to the HEPA 13 filter. , which provides very good dust retention and perfect cleaning. The accessories of this model are compactly located on the device.

The Karcher VC 2 Premium vacuum cleaner is nothing less than its more expensive counterparts.

Also included in this category is the Karcher VC 3 vacuum cleaner. The VC 3 cyclone vacuum cleaner differs from the Karcher VC 2 vacuum cleaner in power, weight, being lighter and has a design that makes it more compact.

The middle class

Karcher VC 5 vacuum cleaner - is a small but powerful vacuum cleaner without a bag. It is compact and easy to store even in the smallest spaces. It offers the same cleaning efficiency as a large vacuum cleaner, but at the same time is very mobile.

Kärcher's VC 5 vacuum cleaner model shows that a powerful vacuum cleaner does not have to be large. The VC 5 vacuum cleaner is one of the most compact in the world, the lightest model and weighs 2.91kg. The device has a triple telescopic handle that allows you to adjust the height and also to store it even in the smallest apartments. An additional advantage is the bagless filtration system and the built-in filter cleaning system, which allows you to dispose of the dirt collected in a single movement and saves you from replacing the filter - bag.

The Karcher VC 5 series also has other models, such as:
  • VC 5 (White)
  • VC 5 Cordless
  • VC 5 Premium Cordless

Comfort class

Karcher VC 6 vacuum cleaner is part of this class and has many features and accessories that increase comfort in the cleaning process. Due to its carefully thought out design and energy-saving turbine, the VC 6 vacuum cleaner even though it consumes little energy, has a very high suction power.

Here is a design innovation, it has an Easy Slider soft rubber ring around the case, which rotates 360° and protects it from scratches and scratches (corners and furniture).

It also has a Quick Click system whereby you quickly and conveniently change the vacuum cleaner accessories with a single movement, without bending over, it also has a telescopic handle that allows you to adjust the height and is equipped with a suction regulator.

Karcher DS 6 Premium is also part of the comfort class. It is a vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning. This vacuum cleaner not only allows you to have perfectly clean surfaces, but also a purified air up to 99.99%. The removed air first passes through the Aqua Filter, which humidifies it, then is expelled through an intermediate filter that protects the engine.

Finally, almost pure air passes through the HEPA 13 filter, which retains even the smallest dust particles, which most often affects people with allergies. The Karcher  D S 6 Premium is equipped with a Turbo brush, which allows perfect cleaning even of long-wired carpets. This vacuum cleaner model is ideal for asthmatics, people with allergies, families with young children and pet owners.

Depending on your household needs, you can give priority to any of the above mentioned vacuum cleaners. All of them have excellent prices and are of good quality.