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Cleaning companies have started to appear quite recently and, while their implementation is not very fast, despite the relatively cheap start. This is due to the lack of understanding of the benefits of the services of these companies compared to the usual cleaning, in which the employees participate.

The advantages of setting up a cleaning company

In some cases, offices are centrally cleaned by a full-time cleaner, who has a mop and a broom in service, although an advanced one. But she has so much to do with cleaning the spaces daily that she can't talk about it in detail.

The result - cleaning the surfaces, which in time leads to various diseases of the employees. And there is a way out of this situation - the services of a cleaning company.

That is, or something like that, but, preferably, much better, the company representative will have to talk to potential customers when he will have to promote his services.   And the advantages of setting up a cleaning company are obvious:
  • Cheap entry to this business.
  • An unfulfilled niche in the market.

Starting this business is possible with small investments. The main expenses will draw equipment and if you take it on credit or lease, rent, then you can start almost from scratch. As for the empty niche, this is most likely due to the awareness of the citizens. There is no mass awareness that a regular cleaning will not replace a thorough cleaning with professional equipment.

How to create a company from scratch, what is required for this?

To create a clean-up company from scratch, you must draft all permits, purchase or rent the necessary equipment, and hire qualified specialists. We need precisely qualified specialists to carry out the task assigned to them.

That is, you do not sell cleaning services, but try to make your customers healthier. From this perspective, the activities of a cleaning company look different.

Permissions and documents required

No special permits are required to open a company. Register as an individual entrepreneur or limited liability company, with a brilliant name and action.

After registration, you can find a room, sign a lease, borrow equipment, start an advertising campaign.

Equipment, specialists

You should immediately abandon ordinary equipment for apartments.   It is not intended for commercial cleaning, it works much worse and fails quickly.

Furthermore, your customers who will observe the cleaning process will not be pleased if they see that the cleaning company uses the same or less equipment at home. And in a completely different way, they will form an attitude if they see a wonderful car in the hands of the workers. The specialist talks about other important aspects of the business in the following video:

The front of the company is not only its employees, but also the equipment they come with. Take this into account. Therefore, immediately purchase professional vacuum cleaners and other devices. You will need:

  • a vacuum cleaner that will cost around 35-40 thousand rubles;
  • a machine for washing work clothes and cleaning materials, at the same cost as a vacuum cleaner;
  • a machine in the form of a disk with which a thorough cleaning of the carpets is carried out; its value can reach up to 120-150 thousand rubles;
  • a special trolley in which there is a rotation and a mesh for containers, where the solution is placed with a garbage bag; its value is in the range of 10 to 12 thousand rubles;
  • a set for deleting office equipment and washing windows worth 8-10 thousand rubles;
  • flat mop instead of broom and mop, worth 2 thousand rubles.

The presence of such equipment allows thorough cleaning both in office spaces and in the apartments of residential buildings, in private homes.

But keep this in mind for the first time, the profit must be directed towards advertising and the purchase of new, more powerful equipment , the cost of which is often different from the above. This will not only increase the range of services that the company can offer, but will allow it to significantly distance itself from its competitors.

When it comes to recruiting specialists, take it very seriously. We need responsible workers who are not afraid of this work. However, they should be as discreet as possible.

If a woman comes to the office in the manner of a cleaning lady from ZHEK, who starts ordering everyone and telling her where to go, then this will be her first and last customer visit. And with that, the customer says goodbye to the company. Such employees can be recruited through agencies that will carry some kind of material responsibility for their candidates.

Assessment of competition and profitability

What profit can be expected from the company's activities? To calculate it, you must rely on the prices of the services provided in the cleaning activity. Let's focus not on capital prices, but on cities like Kazan or Rostov. The cleaning costs are as follows:

At the same time, conditions are set so that the minimum area cleaned is not less than 40-60 square meters. And if the cleaning area exceeds 150 square meters, then transportation services are to the detriment of the company. Otherwise, the customer will have to pay the transport costs.

The specialists and the owners of the cleaning companies highly evaluate the profitability of this activity - from 25 to 40%, if we take certain types of cleaning works.