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Today, many people use carpets at home and since it is a floor covering, they become dirty quite quickly and they can often become seriously dirty, it is difficult and not always safe to get rid of them on their own, so we’ll consider below whether to put the carpets in dry cleaning and why, what are the pros and cons of dry cleaning carpets and what is better for a carpet - washing or dry cleaning.

First of all, before deciding whether to use the services of a professional carpet cleaning service, or to clean stains on a carpet yourself at home, we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of modern carpet cleaning, and then we will draw a conclusion.

Note: the pros and cons of professional dry cleaning, which is carried out in special rooms, using modern equipment and professional high-quality household chemicals for caring for carpets and rugs, will be considered below.

The benefits of carpet cleaning

The quality of the work. Only professionals can choose the right way to clean the carpet, the necessary chemistry to remove various types of stains, and also correctly conduct the entire cleaning process. And also, some types of stains and dirt on carpets and rugs can be removed only in dry cleaning.

Safe for carpets. Dry cleaning services should primarily be used by owners of expensive handmade carpets, as well as carpets made from natural materials that require careful care. Not everyone knows that depending on the composition of the carpet, the type of dyes used in it and its production method, a special approach to cleaning is necessary (for example, wet cleaning and washing are prohibited, powerful vacuum cleaners cannot be used, etc.).

Safe for the health of carpet owners. Many modern dry cleaners use only special professional chemistry for carpet cleaning, which not only copes well with various contaminants, but also does not harm the owners of the carpet in the future when using it.

Minimum time spent. One of the priorities in the service sector is the speed of work, while one of the key services of many cleaning companies is the ability to order specialists at home (cleaning is done at home), as well as the ability to take a carpet to the company’s warehouse for free, clean it and deliver it back free of charge as soon as possible.

You can not only clean the carpets, but also refresh them and disinfect them. Among the services of many dry cleaners are carpet disinfection services (for example, to get rid of dust mites, fungi, moths, etc.), as well as the ability to refresh the carpet using special means (depending on the degree of wear of the carpet, you can improve its appearance)

Availability of warranty. If the company is confident in the quality of the services provided, it can provide a guarantee for the work performed.

Disadvantages of carpet cleaning

Cost of services. Depending on the region, as well as on the carpets themselves (composition, size, complexity of pollution), the cost of dry cleaning services can be quite expensive.

The difficulty of choosing a quality dry cleaning service. It is difficult to find a good company among the many offers, in which professionals work and do their job efficiently.


Professional carpet cleaning is an excellent solution for everyone if it is necessary to return the carpet to its former appearance, remove stubborn stains or disinfect the product, while this is the best choice for handmade carpet owners from natural materials (since self-cleaning of the house is likely to spoil the expensive product or shorten its life due to improper care).

Dry cleaning services do not need to be used every week during cleaning, but at least once a year you can rent carpets for thorough cleaning. Also, you should not save on such services so that the carpets last for a long time and have a pleasant appearance, while it is always important to carefully look for good companies that perform quality work and value their reputation.

What is better dry cleaning of carpets or carpet washing?

If we compare the washing of carpets at a car wash and the dry cleaning of professionals, then car washes clearly lose in the quality of services (they can even ruin the carpet itself), their only advantage is the lower cost of services.

It is also important to understand that, depending on the composition, many carpets are not something to be washed, it is impossible to wet them at all, which many washers simply do not know.

In conclusion to the article, it can be noted that perhaps this article will help you decide whether to use the services of dry cleaning of carpets, or whether it is better to clean the carpets yourself at home, and also will help determine that it is better to choose dry cleaning or washing in a car wash, since this your waste and the result of cleaning the carpets themselves will depend. We leave our feedback on the topic of whether to take the carpet to dry cleaning.