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When moving your furniture did you find 4 marks on the carpet where your sofa or table used to be? Today we teach you a simple and economical trick to solve it.

You can easily remove a mark on your carpet produced by some furniture with just a couple of ice cubes and a spoon.

How to remove furniture marks on your carpet
The first thing is to place an ice cube in each brand produced by the furniture. If the brand is very large, you may need to apply more than one to cover the place. The ice cubes will melt slowly and once melted, you should dry the excess water with a paper towel or absorbent sponge.

It should be noted that the carpet should not be completely dry, a little moisture is good to solve the problem and perform the last step. Melting ice provides moisture to the fibers of the carpet, thus allowing it to swell and recover its original shape.

To finish, use the edge of a spoon to comb the fibers back and achieve a vertical position of them.

The vast majority of carpets can withstand the moisture of melted ice, however, if you are worried about the result, you can try the method first on a brand that is in a poorly visible place.

Finally, and if you consider that your carpets should be treated by a specialist, do not forget to contact us and in this way take care of your carpet cleaning

How to choose your carpet cleaning company?
The best carpet cleaning service
When looking for the best carpet cleaning service in your city, you should make sure and consider some important aspects. A good cleaning and cleaning company like Grupo incorporates highly trained personnel in all its services and uses cleaning products of the highest quality.

In addition to the above, there are some important tips listed below to help you get the best carpet cleaning company available:

  1. Try to hire serious companies that use environmentally friendly products, so not only will you have safer facilities, it will also generate a greater impact on your customers.
  2. During the hiring process, be sure to discuss with your service provider the places and areas that demand more attention in cleaning.
  3. Request a measurement of the surface to be cleaned and make a comparison with the measurements made by you. It will be very useful when receiving the budget.
  4. If you do not have information about the indicated method of cleaning your carpet, you can contact the manufacturer of the carpet to make inquiries and compare with the cleaning methods proposed by your carpet cleaning service provider.
  5. Hire companies that use low water techniques. Excess moisture on the surface can cause major problems in your carpets.