Carpet Cleaning Rental Coquitlam BC

Our Factory provides high-quality dry cleaning services for carpets and carpets in the Coquitlam, BC with transportation to our own production complex and the subsequent delivery of clean, processed products to the customer's address. Dry Cleaning Factory No. 1 has unique equipment, its own laboratory and extensive expertise in the field of specialized dry cleaning of carpets and rugs of various fibrous compositions and manufacturing methods.

Benefits of Factory Carpet Cleaning

Dry cleaning of carpets with export to our specialized Factory has a number of undeniable advantages:
  • free pick-up at a convenient time for the customer;
  • information support on key aspects of processing customer products with the provision of a forecast for cleanability;
  • warranty removal of the most difficult pollution;
  • guarantee for the complete elimination of unpleasant odors;
  • complete sanitation and disinfection of carpet products;
  • technological ability to dry delicate expensive carpets made of wool, silk and viscose;
  • free delivery of dry, ready-to-use carpet to the address specified by the customer.

Dry cleaning of carpets at the Factory

Our Factory has many years of experience in the field of dry cleaning of carpet products made from all types of materials in different countries of the world. Thanks to the accumulated knowledge, our experts work both with modern carpets and with antique antiques.

Dry cleaning. General specifications ”, but also the best level of service in the industry:
  • Registration of a dry cleaning service contract, including full insurance of your product.
  • Free carpet removal to the Factory at a convenient time for you.
  • Measurement and photofixation of a carpet product.
  • Analysis of the composition of the fiber, the method of manufacturing the carpet and the types of pollution on it.
  • Informing the customer about the exact cost of cleaning and its predicted performance.
  • Processing of the carpet product in accordance with the manufacturing method, type of fiber and nature of the pollutant.
  • Free carpet delivery at the right time for you.
  • Payment for our work in any way convenient for you.

Dry cleaning of carpets at home or with removal

The process of cleaning carpets in the factory is very different from the dry cleaning of carpets at home. This is, first of all, due to the presence at our enterprise of the whole range of specialized equipment and reagents. Due to this, the quality and convenience of carpet cleaning with removal to the Factory is incomparably higher than carpet cleaning at home.

Dry Cleaning Factory No. 1 does not recommend carpet processing at home. However, in some cases, in the absence of the possibility of exporting the product to production, our specialists can provide a level of cleaning quality comparable to the factory one. In such situations, the processing is carried out using special equipment, reagents and methods used to clean the carpet.

The standard term for carpet dry cleaning with export to the Factory is 7–10 days, depending on the material of the product, the method of its manufacture and workload. You can find out the cost of dry cleaning a carpet with removal from Coquitlam, BC in the Prices section. For detailed consultation and ordering, call the multi-channel numbers of the Factory.